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What To Expect From Season 4 Of Star Trek: Discovery



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Series three of Star Trek: Discovery has just finished it’s run on the small screen. We now follow the crew of Discovery through the 32nd century as they figure out what caused the burn. So what can we expect during Star Trek: Discovery season four?

I don’t think it was a bad season at all. Not the best, but it was certainly better than season one. We know that the end of season three was left with Michael Burnham in the captain’s seat. But who knows for how long? We know Saru is staying on Kamina to help the stranded young Keplin, who it turns out inadvertently started the burn. I was hoping the cause would have been a bit more sinister, but hey-ho.

To boldly go…

Unlike the ends of previous seasons, we don’t have a cliff-hanger ending. We saw Burnham sit in the captain’s chair and utter her own command, ‘let’s fly’. Ok, it’s not as bad as Pike’s ‘hit it’, but it’s no ‘engage’. As the credits rolled, we are left to wonder what adventures Discovery will continue to go on in the 32nd century.

We know that they now have more up-to-date uniforms on, although I much preferred the old ones. It will be interesting to see how Burnham gets on being in command; particularly as she can be a bit reckless and not one for following the rules. Although that seemed to be ok for a certain James T Kirk, so we’ll see. It’ll be interesting to see how her character develops in her role. But please Michael, try to keep crying to maybe once (or twice) a season and not every episode?

As the crew are free from the shackles of show canon now they’re in the 32nd century, let’s hope they explore some strange new worlds. It would great to find out what’s happened to the Klingons now and explore the relationship between the reunited Vulcans and Romulans. Perhaps season four may switch to an episodic format like previous Trek shows? That would make it more interesting and able to explore more stories, in my opinion.

Any return for Georgiou?

Season three saw Phillipa Georgiou sent back to the mirror Terran universe. She manages to assert her authority and defeat a mutiny from mirror Michael Burnham. It’s highly unlikely she will return in season four, but there is the Section 31 series based around her to come soon. So at least we have some Michelle Yeoh butt-kicking to look forward to. Whether the mirror universe will get explored in Star Trek: Discovery season four is yet to be seen.

What next for Book?

Michael Burnham’s new love is Cleveland Book, who’s now part of the Discovery crew. There’s still some mystery surrounding the origin of his name, so hopefully, more about him will be revealed in the coming season. His role so far has been to support Michael, so he does need a story of his own. Cat lovers will also be pleased that his cat, Grudge, will surely be a part of the new season.

It’s yet to be revealed whether he will officially join Starfleet, but we know he can operate Discovery’s spore drive. This will surely lead to some conflict with Stamets, who was the only one who could navigate the spore drive. Plus, there was already tension when Burnham ejected him from Discovery when Osyraa had control of the ship. This was to stop Osyraa jumping to the Verubin Nebula to harvest the dilithium. Although it was done with the ships best interest, Stamets saw it as leaving his family to die in the nebula. This will undoubtedly cause some friction between Stamets, Burnham and Book.

Gray to return

One story arc that’s been going on through season three is the relationship between Gray and Adira. We know that Gray is the partner of Adira. I say ‘is’, but he’s technically dead with his consciousness living through the Tal Symbiont inside Adira. Until the final episodes of season three, it was only Adiria that could see him. That changed when the away team were on the dilithium planet. The holodeck programme on the damaged ship made it possible for Gray to be seen by everyone. It was also hinted at the end of season three that Gray could be seen again away from the holodeck. This would offer hope to Adira, who could be able to have their partner back; albeit not fully human. It’ll be interesting to see how that unfolds.

Could Saru Re-join the crew?

One of my favourite characters is Saru. The Kelpian is portrayed by the fantastic Doug Jones, who has played many monsters and ghouls over the years. I did find it particularly warming to see him in human form on the dilithium planet. That was a nice touch. Anyhow, we know season three left him in Kamina looking after the orphaned Kelpian. Will he stay on Kamina and help him reconnect with his own species, or will he return to Discovery? I hope that he features heavily in season four as he’s a superb character. There could be some tension when he realises Burnham has the captaincy of the ship. But knowing Saru, I’m sure he would be diplomatic in conceding.

One of my favourites episodes was The Sound of Thunder from season two. This was set on Kamina and featured some superb acting from Doug Jones. This episode sums up what Star Trek is about – exploring the emotions and lives of new species. Let’s hope we have more of that in season four.

Whether you love or hate Star Trek: Discovery, there is no denying that it’s a good thing to have new Star Trek to enjoy. I think Discovery has taken some time to find its feet, but it’s getting there. We finally have a Trek show that has both feet firmly in the future and free from previous canon. Let’s hope the writers utilise that and to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Thanks for reading on what to expect from Season Four of Star Trek: Discovery. What would you like to see happen? Are there any rumours you’ve heard? What do you think the plot will be? Leave us a comment below.

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Cobra Kai Season 4 – Review



Cobra Kai Season Four image

Cobra Kai season four is out now on Netflix and the All Valley is back and better than ever. Here’s our review.

SPOILERS: If you’re reading this then you’ve probably seen the show, but if not there are spoilers ahead.

It’s January, and new shows are popping up everywhere. This brings us to the show that I and my friends have been holding our breaths for: the fourth season of the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai! After three seasons, I wondered if there was anything left to mine from the Karate Kid lore or the Johnny/Daniel dynamic. I am happy to report that this might be my favourite season yet! It manages to not only expand upon the universe it has created, but to bring in a new villain, who is so bad that he threatens to outdo even John Kreese!


Season four sets us off where the third left off, with Johnny and Daniel having joined forces to fight Cobra Kai. Their friendship arc is the glue that holds this season together. The story focuses largely on whether they will be able to pull it together and make their partnership work. As in previous seasons, their relationship has its ups and downs. The stakes are heightened, however, as the season leads up to the All-Valley Tournament. A bet between the three senseis – Kreese, Daniel, and Johnny – means that losing the All Valley is losing the title of sensei.

This season explores the ways that both Johnny and Daniel work with the kids. It also examines the kids’ struggles as they prepare for the All Valley while dealing with conflict within the ever-changing network of friends and enemies in the dojos. Robbie has left juvenile hall and decided to join up with Cobra Kai as a means of inflicting revenge on both his dad and Daniel. Tori and Sam continue their rivalry. And John Reese’s old friend Terry Silver (of Karate Kid 3 fame) shows up to kick Cobra Kai into high gear.

Daniel’s son, Anthony, who has largely been absent until now, faces his own dilemma when his friends begin bullying Kenny, the new kid in town. This soft-spoken middle school character brings us into the world of the younger kids, setting up yet another storyline. Kenny becomes the victim of a gang of kids (including Anthony), enduring round after round of bullying before Robbie takes him under his wing. After his induction into Cobra Kai, the formerly shy middle-schooler becomes a bully himself.

Shades of grey

This brings me to one of my favourite things about the show. The constant back and forth dynamic between characters makes us feel that anything is possible. There is no black and white in the world of Cobra Kai. Where the Karate Kid told us that Daniel was good, and Johnny was bad, this show gives us a very different point of view. It’s a world where we’re never sure who to root for. In this season, we even see Hawk make a return to the “good guys” side after giving up his spot at Cobra Kai.

With Eagle Fang (Johnny’s new dojo) and Miyagi-Do teaming up, the kids – and the adults – have to learn to work together. Of course, complications ensue. Johnny becomes jealous of what he perceives as Miguel’s preference for Daniel over him. Sam wants to learn both her dad’s karate style and Johnny’s, despite her father’s discouragement. Meanwhile, at Cobra Kai, Kreese is losing his grip on the dojo. His former war buddy, Terry Silver, puts off a rather benign appearance in episode one, growing more and more evil with each episode.

This season is lacking in many of the big fight scenes of the previous seasons, instead choosing to focus their energy on the characters. The All Valley Tournament features several great karate matches and offers a satisfying conclusion to Johnny and Daniel’s arc. In the end, Cobra Kai takes the tournament win, but Johnny and Daniel have reached an understanding.

New champions

Tori defeats Sam to take the women’s All Valley trophy but later overhears her sensei paying off one of the referees. It’s clear that Cobra Kai has pulled yet another fast one. But the season ends on an even more ominous – and unexpected – note. Terry Silver assaults the over-aged former Cobra Kai member, Stingray, sending him to the hospital. He then makes a deal with Stingray to blame the crime on Kreese. We end the season with Kreese in handcuffs, Terry Silver set to take over Cobra Kai, and the future of Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do uncertain. In a last shocking twist, Miguel leaves town in search of his biological father.

Although some may miss the school hallway throw downs, I found this one satisfying in a different way. It just goes to show that the ever-expanding Cobra Kai universe can keep bringing surprises season after season.


Thank you for reading our review of Cobra Kai season four. Do you agree or disagree with our points or have anything to add? If so, leave us a comment below.

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