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What If Patrick Stewart Had Become Doctor Who?



Dr Who Patrick Stewart image

Patrick Stewart was one of the names that was put forward to be the eighth Doctor Who. Although he never auditioned for the role – that ended up going to Paul McGann for the 1996 TV movie. But what if Sir Patrick had become The Doctor?

We all know and love Patrick Stewart for playing the iconic role of Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek universe. Before he took the role in 1987, he had a distinguished career as a Shakespearean actor in theatres, but also in various small films. Being a part of the Star Trek franchise for fifteen years also opened him up to the worlds casting directors. This inevitably led to him being signed up for bigger film roles. None more so than Dr Xavier in the X-Men franchise. A role he played for seven feature films. But most of us will look at him with affection for playing the cool; composed and cultured Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek.

Suave, yet smart

What Patrick Stewart brought to Star Trek was some Shakespearean-grade acting. Not that the acting was particularly ‘bad’ in the original series and movies, but Sir Patrick took it up another level. He brought an air of sophistication; British manners and intelligence that we hadn’t seen from a Starfleet captain before. He certainly added some je ne sais quoi to the series. Even looking back now, I can’t imagine any actor being able to play that role better than Patrick Steward did. But let’s have a bit fun and look at a different sci-fi franchise scenario. What about if Patrick Steward had become Dr Who?

The Doctor will see you now

It’s not such a crazy idea. What would The Doctor portrayed by Patrick Stewart be like? Here’s how I think it would have panned out.

Firstly, his attire. I can envision Patrick sporting a Panama hat with a feather in the top. I feel it would suit his sophisticated persona. Complimenting the hat, I can see a red waistcoat and cream jacket on top. For the bottom half, I would imagine him donning some corduroy trousers with shiny black brogues for his feet. And for the final touch, a silver-handled walking cane. I can see him now, emerging from the Tardis with a cup of tea in hand. Earl Grey, hot, of course.

A class act

There have been some fantastic doctors over the years. Everyone has their favourite ‘doctor’. Whether that be the bombastic Tom Baker; the mad Peter Capaldi, or the iconic Jon Pertwee. We know that it is the actor who brings their unique take on The Doctor.

But let’s head back to the alternate universe where Patrick Stewart is in charge of the Tardis. We’ve established his attire and his tea drinking habits, but what about a companion? I can’t imagine him flying around on adventures with a young female, so perhaps an android type character like Data from Star Trek? I can just see Sir Patrick showing his new companion the various perils of the galaxy whist teaching him the emotions of being human. And quality tea.

Patrick Stewart would also deal with the universe’s aliens in a diplomatic way. I can see him sat with Davros, discussing how the Daleks could live in peace with the rest of the galaxy. Or perhaps having a progressive dialogue with the Master?. We know that Patrick oozes charm, so I’m sure he could create diplomatic relations with all the entire evil forces that habituate the universe. Although, that would end the need for the doctor to save the day, so maybe Patrick should have a bit of vengeance added to his doctor.

Shields up, red alert

Now we have Patrick Stewart in his full attire, complete with hat; cane and android companion, we need to find a foe for him to chase across the galaxy. Who better than the Cybermen? He already has history with cybernetic baddies the Borg, so we know that Sir Patrick can give as good as he gets. I’m sure he would relish landing the Tardis on the planet Mondas and unleashing a torrent of sonic screwdriver havoc across the Cybermen. Of course, he would deliver this destruction with an air of grace and class never before seen before in a doctor. I’d also hope that he says, ‘engage’ every time he pulls out his sonic screwdriver.

I can see Patrick savouring all Earth’s quirks and culture, immersing himself in our history with a thirst for knowledge. He would be the thinking man’s doctor. He would treat the various alien forces with diplomacy and dignity, but if they failed to see the error of their ways, he would light them up.

Let’s not forget that before his time on Star Trek, he had a distinguished career as a Shakespearean actor in theatres across the UK. That special brand of acting would suit the doctor brilliantly. There would be witty monologues delivered in-between saving the human race. And lengthy sonnets lashed out at those pesky daleks. He would combine wit; intelligence; strength and a suave personality that would be unbeatable.

Could it still happen?

Probably not. Let’s be honest, Patrick Stewart has recently entered his ninth decade, so I can’t imagine him entering the Tardis. Especially as he’s busy flying around the galaxy in Star Trek: Picard. But there is a small part of me that hopes that being The Doctor is somewhere on Sir Patrick’s bucket list. He would be joining a long list of fine actors who have flown the flag before, and he’s not unfamiliar with the universe. But we need to be realistic; it’s probably never going to happen. But if he had gone for that audition to be the eighth doctor, then things may have been very different.

As good as Paul McGann was, I know that Sir Patrick would have been so, so much better. Anyway, that was my vision of how Patrick Stewart would have looked as The Doctor. I hope you agree that he would have been a mighty fine one, too.

That’s our article on what if Patrick Stewart was Doctor Who. Do you agree or disagree with our points or have anything to add? If so, leave us a comment below.

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Loki Episode 6 – Review



Loki episode 6 image
Marvel Studios

Episode six of Loki from Marvel is here, streaming now on Disney Plus. It’s time for the series finale. Here’s our review.

SPOILERS: If you’re reading this then you’ve probably seen the show, but if not there are spoilers ahead.

More to come

The post-credit scene showed that a second series has already been ordered, meaning this finale is essentially the end of Part One. Thank goodness it is. Because if this was the denouement of the entire Loki story then there’s a good chance it would go down in television infamy as one of the more unusual series endings.

Introducing the big bad

We pick up from Sylvie and Loki’s defeat of The Alioth as they look at the citadel upon the rock at the end of time. They make their way to the entrance, and upon being invited in they’re met by Miss Minutes. It’s been widely predicted that ‘she’ would be an agitator in this series. And at last her role has been revealed. She is an emissary of Kang The Conquerer, embedded within the TVA.

She offers Loki the earth, almost literally, as she tries to coax him to betray Sylvie. Her offers of infinity stones, defeating Thanos etc. Happily, Loki rejects all the trinkets that she offers. Instead, he and Sylvie head into the lift where they meet ‘He Who Remains’ aka Kang The Conquerer. A 31st-century scientist and the true timekeeper.

Loki fight

Sylvie attempts to kill him but he quickly demonstrates some of his powers by dodging and weaving her before she gives in and the three of them sit down for a very long discussion. To sum up what was a lengthy and occasionally fairly tedious scene. He Who Remains (HWR) asks Loki and Sylvie to kill him and take over the role of controlling the timeline. Loki is extremely reticent but Sylvie, angry at what HWR’s meddling has done to her life, is desperate to do so.

Meanwhile, back at TVA HQ, Renslayer is informed by Miss Minutes of HWR’s plan. Showing her dual role and playing on Renslayer’s desperation to keep the TVA active and relevant.

Loki and Sylvie get into a physical fight over what to do with HWR. With Loki recognising how the timeline will fragment with branches springing up all over the place. But Sylvie is consumed by her rage and eventually overpowers Loki, sending him back to the TVA and then kills He Who Remains.

Setting up season two

Loki finds Mobius and tries to explain what has happened. But then discovers the terrible effects of what Sylvie has done by apparently killing HWR. Mobius has no idea who Loki is. This situation is then made worse when Loki looks out to see a statue of He Who Remains adorning TVA HQ. Loki realises that he is in a different timeline branch. One where HWR or Kang is in control of everything. Sylvie has been manipulated into apparently killing him which has enabled him to increase his power further.

Jonathan Majors was masterful as He Who Remains. Which is what you’d expect from someone with a Masters in acting from Yale. He was flamboyant, powerful and mesmerising, which is exactly what you want from a major villain. He will be back in AntMan 3 as Kang The Conquerer and is set to be the key villain in the next phase of the MCU post-Endgame and Thanos.

I have been extremely positive about this series, as I think it has been the strongest and most cohesive of the Marvel series so far this year. But I can’t disagree with anyone who felt short-changed by this finale. My 11-year-old son was pretty vocal in his disappointment the moment the credits rolled, and he was absolutely right. He is one of the most obsessive Marvel fans around and if he was underwhelmed, I feel pretty sure he was reflecting the majority view. Nothing I’ve seen online since has dissuaded me from that either.

Phase 4 groundwork

It seemed that the finale was essentially an exercise in introducing He Who Remains or Kang to our screens ahead of AntMan 3. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, it meant that the focus shifted away from being the climax of this series. Instead of being a prologue for the next phase of the MCU, which does seem a peculiar decision.

There are those who feel that the series original premise of Loki and Mobius teaming up to find Variants dotted around time and space was dropped after the first two episodes. Instead, it was replaced with a love story between Sylvie and Loki and a voyage of discovery with Mobius reduced to a bit part for the rest of the series.

But, the cliffhanger at the end of the series as Loki returns to the TVA does give me hope that Series Two will be an even better follow up.


Thank you for reading our review of Loki episode six. Do you agree or disagree with our points or have anything to add? If so, leave us a comment below.

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