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What Could Be In A Harry Potter TV Series?



Harry Potter tv series image
Warner Bros.

Accio Harry Potter fans! Earlier this week it was announced that a Harry Potter TV series is in early development for HBO Max. Very little is known about the project, and there are no writers or directors attached at the moment. But in an age where major film companies are putting a greater focus on their streaming services. It makes sense that Warner Bros. would turn their attention to their most popular and profitable property. But what could this tv show possible entail?

A re-telling of the tale

It’s been a very watery rumour that they may just remake Harry Potter as a TV Show. We’ve seen with the success of Outlander and Game of Thrones that a television show may be a more flexible medium for book adaptations. Most people sort of assume that this will happen eventually, be it in two years or twenty. However, J.K Rowling, HBO Max, and Warner Bros. told The Hollywood Reporter that expanding the Wizarding World is their top priority. That, along with the recent rebranding of the Harry Potter franchise to the Wizarding World property suggests that Rowling is looking to further expand the universe beyond the books and Fantastic Beasts.

The Marauders

While the Harry Potter movies are generally beloved, one thing most fans agree on is that their portrayal of the Marauders is incorrect. The Marauders includes the original trouble-making group of Gryffindors, made up of Remus Lupin (Moony,) Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail), Sirius Black (Padfoot), and James Potter (Prongs). Some notable people involved with this group include Lily Potter and Severus Snape. This is basically James Potter’s friend group. They created the Marauders Map and played a major role in the First Wizarding War.

Now because they wanted Alan Rickman to play Snape (which he did flawlessly), they had to age up every other Marauder. Making it look like Harry’s parents died when they were in their thirties, when in fact they were twenty-one. Now this made their deaths a little less emotionally arresting, as they were very young when they died. Their deaths were much more tragic than how they were portrayed in the movies. We were also supposed to get a hot Lupin and Sirius as men in their late twenties early thirties, but that’s okay. A Marauder’s series could give us age-accurate portrayals of Harry’s mentors and drive home what they meant to Harry.

The Marauders don’t get too much attention in the books, even less in the movies, but they have captured fans nonetheless. They are the source of many fanfictions and cosplays. Now I think they would be perfect for the TV show. You can start as early as when they were eleven, and have up to ten to thirteen seasons. Or you can start later and focus more on the First Wizarding War and the rise of Voldemort. What little we have of them from the books is emotionally arresting and interesting. It paints an amazing picture of Harry’s parents time at Hogwarts. Fans are already emotionally invested in these characters and in Hogwarts, and I think it would be not only entertaining and full of possibilities, but an obvious fan choice.

The noble House of Black

Coexisting a couple of years before the Marauders heyday is the Black families time at Hogwarts. All of them also played a huge role in the First Wizarding War. This includes characters such as Bellatrix Lestrange, Andromeda Tonks (Nymphadora Tonks’ mother), Narcissa Malfoy (Draco’s mother), Regulus Black, and Sirius Black. Bellatrix, Andromeda, and Narcissa are sisters and cousins to Regulus and Sirius. This old wizard family (part of the Sacred Twenty-Eight) is extremely interesting. Their stories include Bellatrix’s descent into madness. Andromeda’s rejection of her family’s pure-blood elitism, Narcissa’s unhappy marriage, Regulus’ involvement as a Death Eater and then Horcrux hunter, and of course the black sheep Sirius.

Now TikTok user @kylosquash, or Sasha Sloan, is already creating a series on the Black family with her own family titled The Noble House of Black. You can find their fantastic work on both TikTok and YouTube. I could absolutely see HBO Max picking up their idea. There is so much to unravel with the Black family and it would be an opportunity for the TV show to go a little bit dark. These stories could also be woven alongside the Marauders. They are in their first year at Hogwarts when the sisters are newly graduated or in their last years at Hogwarts.

The founders

Another idea that fans have tossed around is the desire to see the founders of Hogwarts. Those being Rowena Ravenclaw, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, and Salazar Slytherin. This probably has the best potential to be the most different from anything else in the Harry Potter world as it stands. Hogwarts was founded in 990 AD. So we’re talking about a Harry Potter story taking place in the Medieval era. These four witches and wizards were regarded as the best and most powerful of their time; maybe even all time. They also coexisted alongside Merlin himself. It would be interesting to answer questions such as “how was magic different then?” or “in an era where Muggles believed in magic, how did they coexist with them?” In the Harry Potter Universe, wizards did not go into hiding until 1689.

It would be extremely intriguing to see muggles coincide with wizards in an entirely different era. Did these wizards and witches have any impact on historical events that have been sense wiped from “muggle history”? Furthermore, all four of these wizards created artefacts that have extensive lore around them that we see in the Harry Potter books. These include objects such as the Sword of Gryffindor or Rowena’s Diadem. We could see how they were created, and the stories around them. It could show how and why the Chamber of Secrets was created, or the trials and tribulations of Hogwarts’ early days. It’s the most unique, and I think the most interesting, to build upon the Harry Potter universe. It would be such a cool opportunity to add more to the canon.

The Cursed Child… or something like it

As most people know, Harry Potter did receive a sequel in the form of The Cursed Child. The stage play had extremely mixed reviews, with some citing that the characters did not act like themselves at all. However, it still stands as an option for a TV adaptation. Perhaps a misguided option, but one they have to choose from. Now if they want it to reach a broader audience, they should just record the show and put it on HBO Max. That being said, while The Cursed Child is canon, they could go a route where they explore the lives of our heroes after the events of Harry Potter. Whether or not they stick with The Cursed Child’s plotline is up to them.


Let’s talk about Voldemort. We have most of his backstory laid out for us in the books, but, fans would be incredibly interested in seeing a story from Tom Riddle’s point of view. There was a fan-made movie based on just that that was received by fans very well. Watching Tom Riddle’s transformation into Voldemort would be disturbing and entertaining. Once again, it’s an opportunity for the property to go darker and appeal to a fanbase that is mostly in their twenties now. In light of how old the fanbase is and their general attitude, I think a TV show based on Tom Riddle would be an unexpected and welcome adaptation.

Something new

All these past suggestions are built upon something we have already seen discussed in the books. But they could do something entirely new. We’ve seen them do that before with Fantastic Beasts which is based on basically nothing in the books beyond a textbook. This is a very large universe, and there’s plenty they could pull from. We could see completely new characters in almost any time period. The options laid out before Warner Bros. and HBO Max are almost limitless. I will say however that something Fantastic Beasts struggles with is its failure to connect to the books. People love the Harry Potter characters, and I think a show would be better received by fans if it features something familiar.

Wrapping up

There are plenty of options out there for HBO Max and Warner Bros., but at the end of the day, it’s going to come down to J.K. Rowling. Their deal still leaves her in control of the rights and story decisions. Whatever she feels like writing about is what we’re going to get, and recent meddling with the canon has not been received well by fans. She seems to be unable to let her story go, much like George Lucas with Star Wars. So let’s take this announcement with a grain of salt, and hope Rowling listens to her fans. Will she give us what we want, or will she go off on her own again as she did with Fantastic Beasts?

Thank you for reading our article on what could be in the new Harry Potter TV series. What would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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Cobra Kai Season 4 – Review



Cobra Kai Season Four image

Cobra Kai season four is out now on Netflix and the All Valley is back and better than ever. Here’s our review.

SPOILERS: If you’re reading this then you’ve probably seen the show, but if not there are spoilers ahead.

It’s January, and new shows are popping up everywhere. This brings us to the show that I and my friends have been holding our breaths for: the fourth season of the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai! After three seasons, I wondered if there was anything left to mine from the Karate Kid lore or the Johnny/Daniel dynamic. I am happy to report that this might be my favourite season yet! It manages to not only expand upon the universe it has created, but to bring in a new villain, who is so bad that he threatens to outdo even John Kreese!


Season four sets us off where the third left off, with Johnny and Daniel having joined forces to fight Cobra Kai. Their friendship arc is the glue that holds this season together. The story focuses largely on whether they will be able to pull it together and make their partnership work. As in previous seasons, their relationship has its ups and downs. The stakes are heightened, however, as the season leads up to the All-Valley Tournament. A bet between the three senseis – Kreese, Daniel, and Johnny – means that losing the All Valley is losing the title of sensei.

This season explores the ways that both Johnny and Daniel work with the kids. It also examines the kids’ struggles as they prepare for the All Valley while dealing with conflict within the ever-changing network of friends and enemies in the dojos. Robbie has left juvenile hall and decided to join up with Cobra Kai as a means of inflicting revenge on both his dad and Daniel. Tori and Sam continue their rivalry. And John Reese’s old friend Terry Silver (of Karate Kid 3 fame) shows up to kick Cobra Kai into high gear.

Daniel’s son, Anthony, who has largely been absent until now, faces his own dilemma when his friends begin bullying Kenny, the new kid in town. This soft-spoken middle school character brings us into the world of the younger kids, setting up yet another storyline. Kenny becomes the victim of a gang of kids (including Anthony), enduring round after round of bullying before Robbie takes him under his wing. After his induction into Cobra Kai, the formerly shy middle-schooler becomes a bully himself.

Shades of grey

This brings me to one of my favourite things about the show. The constant back and forth dynamic between characters makes us feel that anything is possible. There is no black and white in the world of Cobra Kai. Where the Karate Kid told us that Daniel was good, and Johnny was bad, this show gives us a very different point of view. It’s a world where we’re never sure who to root for. In this season, we even see Hawk make a return to the “good guys” side after giving up his spot at Cobra Kai.

With Eagle Fang (Johnny’s new dojo) and Miyagi-Do teaming up, the kids – and the adults – have to learn to work together. Of course, complications ensue. Johnny becomes jealous of what he perceives as Miguel’s preference for Daniel over him. Sam wants to learn both her dad’s karate style and Johnny’s, despite her father’s discouragement. Meanwhile, at Cobra Kai, Kreese is losing his grip on the dojo. His former war buddy, Terry Silver, puts off a rather benign appearance in episode one, growing more and more evil with each episode.

This season is lacking in many of the big fight scenes of the previous seasons, instead choosing to focus their energy on the characters. The All Valley Tournament features several great karate matches and offers a satisfying conclusion to Johnny and Daniel’s arc. In the end, Cobra Kai takes the tournament win, but Johnny and Daniel have reached an understanding.

New champions

Tori defeats Sam to take the women’s All Valley trophy but later overhears her sensei paying off one of the referees. It’s clear that Cobra Kai has pulled yet another fast one. But the season ends on an even more ominous – and unexpected – note. Terry Silver assaults the over-aged former Cobra Kai member, Stingray, sending him to the hospital. He then makes a deal with Stingray to blame the crime on Kreese. We end the season with Kreese in handcuffs, Terry Silver set to take over Cobra Kai, and the future of Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do uncertain. In a last shocking twist, Miguel leaves town in search of his biological father.

Although some may miss the school hallway throw downs, I found this one satisfying in a different way. It just goes to show that the ever-expanding Cobra Kai universe can keep bringing surprises season after season.


Thank you for reading our review of Cobra Kai season four. Do you agree or disagree with our points or have anything to add? If so, leave us a comment below.

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