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Stranger Things – What We Know And What We Want To Happen In Season 4



Hopper Stranger Things Season 4 trailer image

In 2016, Stranger Things opened on an emotionally intense Dungeons and Dragons game. Since then we’ve dealt with the equally horrifying events of school dances. Then people melting into a monster. Then dating for the first time. Oh and of course beating demo-dogs to death with a nail-studded bat. Well, it’s all part of growing up in Hawkins, and Season 4 is just around the corner.

After four years of Stranger Things, we’re all still clamoring for news about what’s next in store for our D&D club. Following a massive cliffhanger at the end of Season 3, news about the next installment is in high demand.

There is no official release date for Season 4. So in the meantime, here’s what we think may happen in the next chapter of Stranger Things.

What we know about Stranger Things Season 4

The Return of Hopper

The post-credit scene in Season 3 left us with the tease of a tamed Russian Demogorgon and an American that must not be fed to it.

Then a teaser-trailer that was dropped on Valentine’s Day 2020. We can confirm that “the American” they were referring to was Jim Hopper (David Harbour). Hopper, whom we thought died in an explosion, is confirmed by the Duffer Brothers (Matt and Ross) to return to the series. Back in February, they issued a statement to fans called “from Russia with love” that said that “He is imprisoned far from home in the snowy wasteland of Kamchatka, where he will face dangers both human… and other.” Furthermore, Harbour told Deadline that this arc for Hopper is the darkest yet, and we will likely see a solo story for the fan-favourite.

New Settings

The announcement of Stranger Things Season 4 came with the tagline “We’re not in Hawkins anymore,”. All evidence points to that being partially true.

In the same statement as above, the Duffer Brothers explained that while Hopper is kicking around Russia, “back in the states, a new horror is beginning to surface, something long-buried, something that connects everything …”.

The fan account @StrangerThingsSpoilers on Instagram revealed that there are film crews back at Hawkins High School and the Hawkins Arcade locations. For now, it appears that Season 4 will be split at least between Kamchatka and Hawkins.

The Scariest Season Yet

Both the Duffer Brothers and cast-members have mentioned that this is the scariest season to date.

To conclude their “from Russia with love” statement. The Duffer Brothers ominously said that “season four is shaping up to be the biggest and most frightening season yet. We cannot wait for everyone to see more. In the meantime – pray for the American.”

Joe Keery, who plays Steve Harrington, told Total Film Magazine that this season is going to be a lot scarier than last year. Although he conceded that he says that every year.

Rumours about Stranger Things Season 4

New and Returning Characters

The brunt of the main cast from Season 3 will be returning. With the exception of Dacre Montgomery, who played Billy. Although, nothing is impossible in Sci-fi, and I personally would love to see that mullet make a comeback. I doubt we’ll see any more of Barb though.

This season, there are some new characters added to the fray. The Duffer Brothers have made comments to TVLine that they want to add three new recurring teenage roles. Plus one recurring adult role to Season 4, although no news on who that might be yet.

We also know that Tom Wlaschiha will appear as a Russian in the new season, thanks to his appearance in the teaser trailer.

Priah Ferguson, who plays Erica Sinclair, has been upped to a series regular. We also know that Nikola Đuričko has been cast for Season 4, but no news on who he might play. Joel Stoffer has also been confirmed for a small role.

We don’t know yet what these new roles will look like, but it appears that the already large ensemble cast will be getting some new members.

Time and Place

We know that Stranger Things Season 4 will more than likely feature both Russia and Hawkins. But what of the Byers and Eleven, who moved away at the end of Season 3? Will there be a third location, or will they make a return to Hawkins?

They did tease that they will return for holidays, and thus far every season of Stranger Things has centred around a holiday. This has led us to speculate that this season may centre around Christmas. This gives the Byers family and Eleven a reason to return to Hawkins. A reason to get the group back together. While past seasons of Stranger Things have taken place around that time, none of them has explicitly centred around Christmas. Unless of course you count the Christmas lights alphabet.

This would all mean that the events would take place at least half a year after Season 3. But, if it takes place a year and a half after Season 3 in Christmas 1986, then the Chernobyl explosion would have happened between Seasons 3 and 4. That could open some doors for interesting plot lines to explore with Hopper in Russia. Could that tragedy be related to the Upside Down?

What We’d Like to See in Season 4

Weaponized Monsters

The post-credit scene for Season 3 revealed that the Russians have a Demogorgon in their custody. Their actions in Season 3 also suggest that they are attempting to weaponize the Upside Down.

Their motive was unclear beyond that they just wanted to open the gate to the Upside Down. With guesses that they would use it to travel discreetly during the end of the Cold War or to develop weapons. But perhaps they are attempting to weaponize the creatures that live there.

While the United States stumbled upon the Upside Down during their experiments with Eleven. It’s not far-fetched to guess that they might try to counter the USSR with a similar tool.

If that’s the case, could we see a world in which the US and the USSR are actively using the Upside Down and its inhabitants against one another?

If the Russians have truly tamed a Demogorgon, what does that imply for the Cold War, and how will they use it against the United States? Or will they lose control, and destroy themselves?

This could explain the plot tie between Hopper in Russia and the kids in Hawkins. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting concept that opens a lot of doors to new plot twists.

The Other Numbers

In Season 2 we were introduced to more numbers beyond just Eleven…and then nothing happened with that.

While that specific episode was met with a bad fan response, it was interesting to meet other super-powered children. With no development in Season 3, the door to what their existence could mean for the story is still wide open.

We don’t know much about the threat Hawkins will face this season, but if it’s anything like past seasons, it will be bigger. At the end of Season 3 Eleven lost her powers, and we may need the extra assistance of more numbers to beat back this season’s threat.

With the rumour that the Duffer brothers want to add three more teenage roles, it’s not far-fetched to guess that they may come from the same lab as Eleven. These new roles may also signal the passing of the torch to a new generation as the original cast become more in demand elsewhere in Hollywood.

What’s the Deal with Eleven?

Eleven is hands down the most powerful character in Stranger Things, and she has been crucial to beating back the Mind-Flayer every step of the way. But with her powers gone, what will her role look like in Season 4, and how will Hawkins fight the Upside-Down without them?

Most can assume, like Mike, that her powers will return. But an interesting fan theory posted on Reddit by ‘weedmonkey666‘ suggests that the return of Eleven’s powers could be the worst thing to happen to the gang.

She was bitten by a monster in Season 3, so she may be poisoned by the Mind Flayer. Perhaps it could turn her against the town as it did to Billy in Season 3. If that happens Eleven with her powers would be catastrophic. She would be an almost impossible opponent for the gang, not only because of her power but also because of their emotional connection to her.

Our Characters

Part of what makes Stranger Things so compelling is that in the midst of life and death struggles, they’re still just teenagers and slightly awkward adults.

Joyce and Hopper have their fair share of chemistry. But with Hopper stuck in Russia, it’s not far off to assume that getting back to Joyce could be a major underlying motivation for him.

Max also lost her older brother in Season 3, and while he was an atrocious sibling she’s now on her own with her abusive father. How will that struggle, paired with the grief of losing a sibling, affect her? Will her boyfriend, Lucas, help her through that, or will it tear them apart?

Now we’ve got two long distance relationships to contend with too. Mike and Eleven and Nancy and Jonathan. Nancy and Jonathan seemingly want to make the distance work, but will someone else swoop in to help Nancy deal with the distance? Perhaps a rekindling of Steve and Nancy? And will Mike and Eleven make their young love work or will their head’s be turned by someone new?

There’s a lot to contend with here, and every couple has significant issues in front of them.

Unfortunately, it also looks to be the end of the D&D league, with the boys already losing interest in Season 3 and with Will moving away.

As long as Steve, Robin, and Dustin continue on as the iconic trio they became in Season 3, I’m cool with anything else they might throw at us.

Is this the end?

Season 4 will not be the last season of Stranger Things.

The Duffer brothers claim to have an ending clearly mapped out, and Season 5 will more than likely be the end.

They have stated before that they’ve always seen it as a 4-5 season story, and they have made several statements that Season 4 will not be the last season.

There’s a lot we don’t know yet about Season 4, and unfortunately, there’s no official date for when we’ll get the answers to our questions. However, filming did resume on September 28, 2020, and the earliest we can expect a release is Summer 2021.

And that’s our list of what we know and what we want to happen in Season 4 of Stranger Things. What do you think? Did we miss any rumours you’ve heard of or confirmed details? Let us know in the comments below.

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Cobra Kai Season 4 – Review



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Daniel’s son, Anthony, who has largely been absent until now, faces his own dilemma when his friends begin bullying Kenny, the new kid in town. This soft-spoken middle school character brings us into the world of the younger kids, setting up yet another storyline. Kenny becomes the victim of a gang of kids (including Anthony), enduring round after round of bullying before Robbie takes him under his wing. After his induction into Cobra Kai, the formerly shy middle-schooler becomes a bully himself.

Shades of grey

This brings me to one of my favourite things about the show. The constant back and forth dynamic between characters makes us feel that anything is possible. There is no black and white in the world of Cobra Kai. Where the Karate Kid told us that Daniel was good, and Johnny was bad, this show gives us a very different point of view. It’s a world where we’re never sure who to root for. In this season, we even see Hawk make a return to the “good guys” side after giving up his spot at Cobra Kai.

With Eagle Fang (Johnny’s new dojo) and Miyagi-Do teaming up, the kids – and the adults – have to learn to work together. Of course, complications ensue. Johnny becomes jealous of what he perceives as Miguel’s preference for Daniel over him. Sam wants to learn both her dad’s karate style and Johnny’s, despite her father’s discouragement. Meanwhile, at Cobra Kai, Kreese is losing his grip on the dojo. His former war buddy, Terry Silver, puts off a rather benign appearance in episode one, growing more and more evil with each episode.

This season is lacking in many of the big fight scenes of the previous seasons, instead choosing to focus their energy on the characters. The All Valley Tournament features several great karate matches and offers a satisfying conclusion to Johnny and Daniel’s arc. In the end, Cobra Kai takes the tournament win, but Johnny and Daniel have reached an understanding.

New champions

Tori defeats Sam to take the women’s All Valley trophy but later overhears her sensei paying off one of the referees. It’s clear that Cobra Kai has pulled yet another fast one. But the season ends on an even more ominous – and unexpected – note. Terry Silver assaults the over-aged former Cobra Kai member, Stingray, sending him to the hospital. He then makes a deal with Stingray to blame the crime on Kreese. We end the season with Kreese in handcuffs, Terry Silver set to take over Cobra Kai, and the future of Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do uncertain. In a last shocking twist, Miguel leaves town in search of his biological father.

Although some may miss the school hallway throw downs, I found this one satisfying in a different way. It just goes to show that the ever-expanding Cobra Kai universe can keep bringing surprises season after season.


Thank you for reading our review of Cobra Kai season four. Do you agree or disagree with our points or have anything to add? If so, leave us a comment below.

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