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Spider-Man: No Way Home – Trailer



Spider-Man No Way Home trailer image
Marvel Studios

The first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home has arrived and there’s loads to digest and discuss.

There were rumours of an early leak, then Tom Holland told the world that we weren’t ready to see it yet via his Instagram account.

But just a couple of days later a little gift from the good people at Sony and Marvel arrived.

When’s it set?

Whilst we know that trailers are deliberately cut to suggest a certain chronology to the viewer it seems that the film will pick up with the post-credit scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home, just after the Daily Bugle reveals his true identity and points the finger at him for the death of Mysterio.

Not a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man

The backlash from the revelation isolates Peter. He is in trouble with the law, looked on with suspicion at school and is a figure of rumour and speculation in the press. All he wants to do is get back to how things were. Cue a visit to Dr. Strange.

Stepping into the multiverse

The Loki series introduced the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the multiverse and it will be explored further here. After the defeat of Thanos Stephen Strange is clearly at the height of his powers and believes he can perform any trick. Spoiler alert, he’s clearly wrong and things backfire.

At this point, things get interesting as Dr Strange and Spidey appear to be hurtled across realities and it seems this is how the introduction of previous enemies will be allowed to happen.

Familiar faces

Doc Oc is the first to put in an appearance but the arrival of one of the Green Gobblin’s is also teased. We also get a hint that Sandman and Electro will be in the mix. With Vulture already serving time from Spiderman: Homecoming, could we see a version of the Sinister Six come together?

There are plenty of rumours around Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield also making an appearance. Who knows we may even get to see Tom Hardy’s Venom in some form appear. Things can get crazy in the multiverse.

Here’s the trailer to enjoy:

Spider-Man: No Way Home will be in cinemas from 17 December 2021.

Do you like the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer? Are you planning on seeing it when it’s released? What do you think it’ll be like? Let us know in the comments below.

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Movie News

The Matrix Resurrections – Trailer



Matrix Resurrections Trailer image
Warner Bros.

The first trailer for The Matrix Resurrections has arrived and there’s a lot to whet the appetite.

Neo’s alive?

When we left Neo (Keanu Reeves) in The Matrix Revolutions the assumption was that he had died in his final battle with Agent Smith. But in allowing The Matrix to use his body as a conduit to attack the rogue Agent he was able to save Zion and establish a fragile peace between machines and humans.

The trailer suggests that Neo was plugged back into The Matrix after this moment and has been controlled until now with ‘the blue pill’. This is why he has become Mr Anderson again but is haunted by dreams of the past.

Shrink or Agent

A very calm and controlled Neil Patrick Harris is counselling Thomas Anderson about these dreams but it’s clear that there’s more to him than just trying to help.

Heroes reincarnated

On iMDB Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s character is unnamed. Yet the trailer suggests that he is a younger version of Morpheus and he helps Mr Anderson rediscover Neo.

The Laurence Fishburne incarnation of Morpheus grews impatient with the machines and demanded that they return the body of Neo in The Matrix Online game. It’s not clear if this will remain canon or not. After many unanswered public speeches threatening action, Morpheus starts terrorist attacks throughout the Matrix. These attacks take the form of weapons that reveal the Matrix’s inner workings (its code) for all human beings to see, even those not yet awakened to the simulation. This caused mass panic and forced awakenings to those not ready to see the truth.

During the game events on May 26, 2005 (as recorded on the game’s official website), Morpheus plants a code bomb in the Rumbaar water treatment facility. After planting the bomb, he realises he is being hunted by an assassin. Morpheus escapes the facility; however, upon his leaving, the Assassin bends the code of the Matrix and emerges from a vent in the wall. Morpheus is caught off-guard and is unable to dodge the Assassin’s bullets. He dies from gunshot wounds.

Familiar faces

You can expect to see the return of Trinity as well as Neo. But many other characters appear to be changed or reincarnated. It seems to follow many footsteps of the original with the use of the White Rabbit. Then there’s a younger Morpheus, a possible younger Oracle and perhaps a new Architect.

Here’s the trailer to enjoy:

The Matrix Resurrections will be in cinemas from 22 December 2021.

Do you like The Matrix Resurrections trailer? Are you planning on seeing it when it’s released? What do you think it’ll be like? Let us know in the comments below.

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