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Samwise Gamgee Is The Most Underrated Character In Lord Of The Rings



Samwise Gamgee Lord of the Rings image
New Line Cinema

Since reading the books and then enjoying the films in the early 2000s, Lord of the Rings is up there as a favourite of many. But, there is something that needs to be discussed. That is how much Samwise Gamgee is underestimated and underrated by his fellow LOTR characters – and maybe even some of the fans.

Let’s face it, he was the reason the job in hand was done! Not Frodo, despite his being the only name cheered as the ring dissolved within the fires of Mordor. Also, I have seen plenty of dogs and pets named after Frodo and Bilbo but vary rarely have I seen one called Samwise! This guy carried Frodo up a mountain! I mean, come on; someone could at least call their Pekingese terrier after him.

So, to prove our point that Samwise is one of the most important and underrated characters in LOTR. We’re going to point out where Sam was an absolute legend. And, quite frankly, deserves a lot more respect from the rest of the hobbits, men, wizards, elves, ents and other inhabitants of Middle Earth.

The Fellowship of the Ring

While there’s some action in the first film, The Fellowship of the Ring, it’s more about meeting the fellowship. About establishing relationships, building the story and friendships. One of the strongest friendships in the films is between Frodo and Sam (Samwise). Which is cemented right at the beginning. We meet the mild-mannered Sam trying to summon up the courage to dance with his hobbit love interest, Rosie Cotton, and Frodo throws him straight in, showcasing the brotherly bond between them.

To begin with, it may be perceived that Sam isn’t as adventures as Frodo. But what he lacks in being outgoing, he makes up in loyalty and love for his hobbit companions.

Now, you know you have a true friend when they are willing to hide in a bush and keep a watch. Rather than run for the hills when they hear strange noises. This is something that Sam did, just before Frodo was sent on his journey by Gandalf; however, this nosy act just got him involved in the quest ahead.


There were also early signs of his badass nature. When Sam and Frodo had their first encounter with a Nazgûl (Black Rider/Ringwraith), just after they are joined by Pippin and Merry. While Frodo was getting sucked into putting the ring on his finger by the dark magic, Sam knocks him awake from the spell. And he distracts the Nazgûl by throwing the hobbits’ food, so they could make a run for it. Sam was also the first to come after Aragorn when he thought he was hurting Frodo in the Prancing Pony. And, again, at weather top, charging at the Nazgûl to try and protect Frodo, awakening his fighting spirit.

Sam’s loyalty was shown even more when he desperately wanted to go home as soon as Frodo put himself forward for the quest to Mordor. But, Sam was right by his side, vowing to come along too… Even though he was once again eavesdropping on a secret meeting.

Chamber of Mazarbul

Sam throws himself straight into the fight in the Chamber of Mazarbul, against the Orcs and cave troll. Which is quite a lot for a simple gardener from the shire. In a way, throughout the first instalment of the story, Sam becomes Frodo’s bodyguard and main confidant. Even when Frodo tries to push him away at the end, and travel alone. Sam puts himself in danger, nearly drowning. All so he can be by Frodo’s side and not let the fallen Gandalf down as he had promised him that he would not leave Frodo.

At the end of The Fellowship of the Ring, it’s clear to see who the positive one is out of the two. As Frodo already starts to get negative about the journey ahead. Sam tries to keep things on a more positive note. In short, making us realise that we all need a positive, loyal Samwise Gamgee in our lives.

The Two Towers

In the second instalment of LOTR, there’s a very healthy helping of action with the lead up to, and the actual battle for, Helm’s Deep. So much so, in fact, that Frodo and Sam face more quest disruptions than action. Yet, Sam still shows his worth and his importance within these chapters.

Firstly, even though we see snapshots of his own hope dwindling. Sam is always there with a funny quip to rase Frodo’s spirits, even when they realise they’ve been going around in circles and are being followed by a foul smell. Once they capture Gollum (the foul smell), Frodo’s trust builds for the new friend. Yet Sam always keeps a suspicious eye on Gollum, and so he should.

The power of the ring

As the ring starts to take over Frodo more and more, Sam is always there; cooking, being kind, even when snapped at, and looking out for the travelling trio, especially when the Nazgûl return. Even Faramir jokes that Sam is Frodo’s bodyguard. It also seems like it was one of Sam’s rants towards Faramir that helped to convince him to let Frodo, Gollum and Sam go on the rest of the quest. Well, it could have been that, or the fact that more Nazgûls arrive on their fell beasts. Who Sam had to save Frodo from once again as the ring takes over. How does Frodo thank Sam? By attacking him with a sword to his face (whilst he was under the rings spell). Think about it, if Sam wasn’t there, Frodo could have been dead, and the ring would have ended up in the bad guys’ hands.

At the end of Two Towers, it’s up to Sam once again to give Frodo another pep talk. To move them forward on their journey, reminding Frodo that they still have more of the journey to go and that they are part of a much bigger story.

Even Frodo himself said “Frodo wouldn’t have got far without Samwise the Brave”. FACT!

The Return of the King

So, this is the instalment where Sam really shines as the one true hero. Hear me out here, yes, everyone did have their part to play. But look at it this way: would the ring really have made it to the fires of Mordor without Sam?

From the start of this part of the tale, Sam is onto Gollum and his scheming ways. He even hears Gollum plotting with himself about killing both Sam and Frodo. But when brave Sam tries to confront him, an almost ring devoured Frodo sides with Gollum, instead of Sam. Gollum continues to poison Frodo’s mind with the idea that Sam wants to steal the ring for himself. But Sam sticks by Frodo’s side. He’s continually looking out for Frodo when he is being dragged into the rings dark magic, and when it comes to hiding from those pesky Nazgûls.

Unfortunately, even with all his devotion and protection, Gollum’s mind tricks and the weight of the ring gets the better of Frodo. And, when it comes to lembas-bread-gate, he once again believes Gollum over Sam and orders him to go home. But does Sam go? No! Well, okay, he does for a hot minute. But he comes to his senses as the true friend he is and tries to catch up with Frodo.


When he does, he finds Frodo in Shelob’s clutches, after Gollum’s plan to lure Frodo to her lair had succeeded. Did Sam run away in fear? No, he held up Frodo’s sword and the Phial of Galadriel, and fights the spider off, until she runs away back into her cave. But, Sam believes he is too late, and that Frodo is dead. So he grabs the ring and hides as a couple of Orcs arrive. They suggest that Frodo is still alive, and carry him off to their tower.

Now, let’s just stop here and look at the situation. This is the second point in the story where, if it wasn’t for Sam, the ring would have been in the enemy’s hand and Frodo would have died. Frodo was the one that pushed Sam away he made him go home, but he came back. At this point, Sam could have just left Frodo to the Orcs and continued the journey on his own, as he had the ring. Yet he didn’t. He climbed a massive tower to save him.

Luckily, when Sam got to Frodo, he had a fairly clear path. As all the Orcs were fighting over Frodo’s shiny shirt. But, there were still some Orcs he had to fight to get to Frodo. When he rescues Frodo, and Frodo realises that the ring is missing, Sam gives him the ring pretty much straight back. I mean, come on, that ring has some powerful magic attached to it. It’s hard to just give back.

Mount Doom

After this, the pair get back on the journey to Mount Doom. And, arguably, Sam is given even more hero points as he even gives Frodo the last of his water. However, the biggest points scorer of all is when Sam really shows his worth. Right towards the end, when Frodo can no longer go on, Sam picks Frodo up and carries him up a bloody volcanic mountain. He could have just taken the little ring, but oh no, he carried a whole hobbit up to the top of Mount Doom. The one thing that is really a knife to the chest for us Sam fans is whilst Sam is struggling to carry Frodo up the hill. Aragorn and the others march into battle saying ‘For Frodo’, They could have easily said ‘For Frodo and Sam’. Sam was doing all the work, after all.

Once the pair were at the top by the fiery pit of Mordor, Sam’s work was still not done. He also had to fight off a returning Gollum, giving way to Frodo, so he could walk towards the lava and throw in the ring. But does Frodo put the ring in? No, he decides he wants to keep it. Sam watches him in disbelief and, as Sam is distracted, Gollum hits him over the head with a rock for his troubles. A fight breaks out between Gollum and Frodo, and both of them plus the ring fall off the edge towards the lava.

Luckily, Frodo holds on to the edge, whilst the ring and Gollum get absorbed and killed by the lava. Who comes to Frodo’s rescue? I hear you say. None other than our hero, Sam, who pulls him up. What a hero, we can just hear everyone cheer Sam’s name… oh no, we can’t… as Aragorn, Gandalf and the team are busy cheering for Frodo, who was going to keep the ring!

Battle of Bywater

So, even though this part of the story didn’t make it into the films, it is still important to note. Once again in this part of the story, we see Sam as Frodo’s driving force to get rid of Saruman and his army from the shire. To unite the folk of the shire together, ultimately bringing Rosie’s character (Sam’s love interest) and Sam’s love of the people of Hobbiton to the forefront.

Sam and Rosie

Once the adventure and the Battle of Bywater was over, our favourite Sam gave us the romantic storyline we all wanted. Working up the courage to talk to and marry Rosie Cotton. They had 13 children and he also became the Mayor of the Shire. Basically, Samwise Gamgee became a family man, a leader, a bass ass and the most underrated member of the fellowship of the ring.

We hope you enjoyed and jumped on board with our logic as to why Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings is the most underrated and important members of the story. If you have anything to add, or think someone else is worthy of the title, let us know in the comments below.

Read about what happened to the Fellowship after the ring was destroyed HERE.

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Comics & Literature

DC Fandome 2021 – Revelations, Trailers and the future



Black Adam image
DC Comics

At the recent virtual DC Fandome 2021 over 66 million fans tuned in across 220 countries. They listened in 12 different languages. All to find out the scoop on what’s to come for the comic book franchise, new DC revelations and even watch trailers of soon to be released films and TV shows.

But, if you weren’t one of the millions to be watching from home, below is the Film, TV and Gaming announcements and revelations that would interest any DC fan.


Black Adam

DC Fandome 2021 started with a world exclusive trailer of Black Adam! The man himself Dwayne Johnson. Along with a host of the films other stars including Pierce Brosnan, Aldis Hodge, Quintessa Swindell and Noah Centineo. They introduce themselves and the exclusive trailer.

During the 4-minute intro below, you see Johnson excitably launch his passion project. He explains how much the Black Adam universe means to him. We are also told that the film is currently in post-production with the film being released on the 29th of July 2022.

We don’t get much information or storyline from the trailer. But Dwayne’s enthusiasm for the character and the gritty darkness of what we do get in the trailer is enough, for now, to keep us excited about this Movie.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

During the day’s events, Jason Momoa was on hand to give fans an in-depth dive into the world of Aquaman. Firstly, apologising for the four-year wait. However, Momoa and director James Wan appeased fans with a host of behind-the-scenes clips. Plus a glimpse of some unusual conceptual art. Which included quirky looking desert creatures and giant grasshoppers.

We have also been promised by Wan that we are going to be getting a film that’s more mature, giving the audience something new, exciting and an experience we haven’t seen before. The 2-and-a-half-minute look into the sequel, below, was enough to make any fan excited for its theatrical release in December 2022.

DC’s League of Super-Pets

A fun animated adventure was also announced. DC’s League of Super-Pets will bring super-pets like Krypto and Ace the Bat-Hound to life for the first time.

In an exclusive trailer, fans were introduced to the two pups, voiced by Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, in a light-hearted look into the film. The full movie voice by the comedy pairing along with some other famous names such as Keanu Reeves and Vanessa Bayer is set to be released next November.

The Flash

Another film trailer to hit the DC Fandome 2021 screens was The Flash. Portrayed once again by Ezra Miller and directed by Andy Muschietti. Fans were introduced to the trailer and the concept of the film, where the Flash unlocks the DC cinematic universe. He time hops back to the ’90s where Michael Keaton, reprises his role, he originated in 1989’s ‘Batman’ and 1992’s ‘Batman Returns’.

We’re elated that we get another film with Michael Keaton as Batman. Even if the storyline does sound a little farfetched. We’re sure Muschietti will get the narrative across perfectly and the film will be an instant hit. The film is due to hit cinemas in November 2022.

The Batman

The DC Fandome 2021 team knew exactly what they were doing when they left the release of the second Batman trailer to the very end of the day. Like fans around the world, we also couldn’t wait to see more of Patterson, fully suited up, showcasing his gritty take on the hero. Director Matt Reeves, Robert Pattinson (Batman) and Zoe Kravitz (Selina Kyle/ cat woman) were there to lead the trailers release.

Granted the jury is still out if Patterson can pull of the dark knight or not but we have to admit we are excited to see him in action. We also have a sneaky suspicion that for the first time in a film setting since Michelle Pfeifferthey may have nailed the casting for Selina Kyle with Zoe Kravitz. We don’t have long left to find all this out though, as after a few Covid related interruptions Batman is now set to be released in theatres on March 4th, 2022.

Injustice and Catwoman: Hunted

If some of these DC film releases seem a little far away, fear not because we were also made aware that two animated films will be released quite soon. With Injustice’s release this October and an anime-inspired animated DC offering in the form of Catwoman on February the 8th 2022, both the feature-length animations will be available on digital, 4K and Blu-ray. To take a sneak peak of Catwoman: Hunted you can watch the trailer below.


When it came to the TV side of the DC world there were a lot of announcements and trailers mainly around continuing shows such as, Titans, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Stargirl along with the more anticipated trailers for:


Has been renewed for another season, despite the departure of Ruby Rose. The new trailer showcased its new Batwoman – Ryan Wilder played by Javicia Leslie.

Doom Patrol

Is set to be returning for a fourth season. During the announcement followers of the show were treated to a wonderfully odd and endearing mid-season trailer.

The Flash

Is set for yet another inter-universe team up as The Flash team takes on a deadly mission against the ‘Armageddon’ villains. Which could decide the fate of humankind. The villainous gang is headed up by Tony Cuttan as Despero, Arrowverse’s Tom Cavanagh as Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash and Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk.



First seen in this summer’s ‘The Suicide Squad’ Movie, John Cena’s comedic take of the Peacemaker is set to have its own HBO Max show. The fun and quirky trailer to the first series premiered at the event. Along with a behind the scenes look at the making of the series. It shows that director James Gunn is staying true to his unique, comedic style. The Trailer also shows the other great actors involved in the series including the hilarious ‘Orange is the New Black’ star Danielle Brooks, Christopher Heyerdahl, Robert Patrick and Jennifer Holland. This eight-episode series is set to be released on 13 January.

The Sandman

Viewers of the event didn’t find out much about this Netflix offering. But we did get glimpses of Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer Morningstar. Wwhich let’s be honest along with the announcement that this is actually happening, is enough to get most of us DC fans excited about its release. There is no release date yet but I’m sure over the coming months there will be more announcements about this extraordinarily dark and forbidding series.


Based on the comic book series of the same name created by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker and Jamal Campbell. The TV adaptation of the story was announced with a one-minute ten-second trailer. This superhero drama is based around a comic book-loving teenager who discovers she has superpowers. Her curiosity leads her onto a journey into the Multiverse in search of answers. We haven’t got a definitive release date yet, but we have been promised it will be in 2022.


Suicide squad: Kill the Justice League

Since the announcement of this game at last year’s Fandome we haven’t had much information or even any gameplay footage. However, at this year’s event, we did get quite an in-depth trailer and a little look at the storyline. In this game, the player gets a choice of playing Harley Quinn, King Shark, Captain Boomerang or Deadshot. As they take on a new mission against an alien threat that has brainwashed the Justice League. There is still no hint to a release date or even a gameplay trailer, but we have been assured 2022 will be full of hints about the game and hopefully a conclusive release date.

Gotham Knights

Another game trailer that was released at the Fandome, that excited fans across the world was Gotham Knights. Continuing its Arkham-style adventures, Games Montreal has been working hard on the narrative and gameplay functions of this game. This game, in particular, was supposed to be released sometime in 2021 but it was delayed and we have now got a 2022 release time frame.

In this game you get to play a number of characters including Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood in an open-world action online RPG in order to uncover secrets and take down the Court of Owls.

So there you have it, some of the top DC new from the Fandome 2021. What do you think about all the new announcements? What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below..

Read our review of DC’s The Suicide Squad HERE.

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