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7 Online Multiplayer PS4 Games You Must Play Before The Release Of The PS5



7 Online Multiplayer PS4 Games You Must Play Before The Release Of The PS5

With the release of the PS5 set for the end of 2020, we look at some of the top, must-play multiplayer games to ever hit the PS4 in a range of different genres.

If there’s one thing better than staving off a horde of zombies, playing football with cars, or launching your controller at the TV after you die for the fifth time in a minute: it’s doing it with friends.

Whether you’re a first-person shooter, battle royale, or action-adventure fan, we’ve collated a list of the top multiplayer PS4 games from a selection of genres.

So while we wait impatiently for the PS5 to hit the shelves, here are 7 incredible online PS4 games you can play right now – either with your squad or some random 14-year-old kid you’ve never met before.

1. Overwatch

First-person shooter

From the creators of World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s quintessential hero shooter is a must-play. Each of the 30+ characters has their own weapons, abilities, and even footstep sounds, making for a truly unique experience.

Work together with up to 5 friends to secure a payload, defend a point, or just go all out in a team deathmatch.

It’s easy to sink countless hours into this game, but your time is rewarded with unlockable skins, sprays, emotes and voice lines.

Not to mention the tiered system in competitive mode which makes you feel like an absolute god as you rise through the ranks.

And if that doesn’t get your trigger finger twitching, rumour has it that the release of Overwatch 2 will be hot on the heels of the eagerly anticipated PS5.

2. Grand Theft Auto V


Since the release of the first GTA in 1997, each instalment has just got better and better. From the graphics to the story to the gameplay: it’s not hard to see why GTA 5 broke 7 Guinness World Records. That’s why it’s next on our list of PS4 multiplayer games to play before the launch of the PS5.

Whether you enjoy spending hours customising your character, running your own virtual business, or tearing up the streets in your pimped-out car/motorbike/helicopter/plane/boat/hoverbike: GTA 5 has more options than a 2020 gender identity form.

Just try not to lose it when you’re an hour into a mission and the helicopter’s already been crashed 9 times…

3. FIFA 20

Sports/football(soccer)-simulation game

Imagine the World’s Game coming to life on a multiplayer platform where you can manage your favourite team and even build your ultimate squad.

Over 10 million PS4 players are already living the dream, and its popularity continues to grow with each yearly release. 

FIFA 20 also introduced a brand new game mode: VOLTA FOOTBALL. Play street football in playgrounds all over the globe – from an underpass in Amsterdam to a rooftop in Tokyo.

A word to the wise: if you’re a sore loser, don’t play this game with friends, family, workmates, or anyone who you hope to maintain civil relations with.

4. Gran Turismo Sport

Sim racing

It’s official. Gran Turismo 7 is coming to the PS5 – possibly even as a launch title. But until then, you can still get your racing fix here.

With increased detail on the cars, uber-realistic sounds in cockpit mode, and stunning graphics on over 80 track configurations, this is every petrol head’s sim racing dream.

Got a PS4 Pro? Take your gaming experience up a gear with VR. Although this isn’t available in multiplayer, it’s definitely worth a look if you already have a VR headset.

5. Rocket League


Souped-up cars chasing a giant football might sound like a simple premise, but Rocket League’s winning formula of combining two huge passions (football and cars) draws in around 40,000 players every day.

Join 2 of your buddies for a 3v3 5-minute match where each team tries to score the most goals. The more you play, the more car customisation options you unlock.

And that’s not hard when you’ve got one of the best in-game music playlists pumping in the background (GTA 5 is another classic).

Oh and did we mention, Rocket League now has full cross-platform support, meaning you can play with mates on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam PC. Can I get a ‘hell yeah’?!

6. Apex Legends

First-person shooter battle royale

The last few years have seen a surge in the popularity of battle royale games – think PUBG, Call of Duty: Warzone, and the ever-popular Fortnite.

And whilst Respawn Entertainment may have shelved development on Titanfall 3, their entry into the fray of battle royale games certainly hasn’t been a lost cause.

Apex Legends is in the top 5 most popular multiplayer shooters of 2019-2020 and feels like a more “adult-friendly” Fortnite.

Like most battle royale games, players land on a map, gather weapons and gear from loot boxes and try to survive other players alongside an ever-shrinking gameplay area.

However, it also introduced some great features like the option to respawn dead allies and different classes which all have their own unique abilities. If you haven’t tried a battle royale game yet, this is a great one to start with.

7. Red Dead Redemption 2


If we said this game has one of the most beautiful, intricately-designed worlds we’ve ever played in, we still wouldn’t be doing it justice.

In fact, it probably should’ve won ‘best picture’ at the Oscars this year; cinematically, it’s just that good.

Made by the creators of GTA 5, RDR2 is similar in gameplay but different in experience. Playing as a gun-toting, lasso-swinging outlaw in the Wild West, you can create or join a posse, set up your own business, hunt fugitives, or just wander around on your horse killing anyone you come into contact with.

While it’s safe to say that the online mode did get off to a slow start, it’s already easy to immerse yourself in this gem for hours on end.

Hopefully, Rockstar pulls out some more irresistible updates and makes this game into one heck of a rival for the GTA series.

And the best news? Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will be backwards compatible with the PS4, so you’ll still be able to play all of these on the PS5.

And that’s our 7 online multiplayer PS4 games you must play before the release of the PS5. Are there any you would like to have seen on the list? If so, leave us a comment below.

Read more about the PS5 HERE.

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1 Comment

  1. Clare Remus

    September 26, 2020 at 7:19 pm

    Oh No!! I just read that Gamestop put up PS5 preorder on their website! They sold out so fast. Oh well, PS4 it is for a while longer. Were you quick enough to get your preorder in?

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Animal Crossing 2.0 – Review



Animal Crossing 2 image

On November 5th, Animal Crossing 2.0 alongside the DLC Happy Home Paradise was released. It was the last major free update to hit the latest game in the franchise and added a host of new features to the game. After almost a month of playing it, here’s our review and everything new in Animal Crossing 2.0 from Nintendo.


Animal Crossing has been around for 20 years, with its first release on 14th April 2001. Since then it’s released several versions of the game for the DS, Wii, and so on.

The latest version, New Horizons, came to the Nintendo Switch at just the right time; at the very beginning of Quarantine. It was easily the most popular Nintendo game last year. But it had a fatal flaw; rather than including everything upfront, Nintendo would release periodic updates where they would add to the game. The goal was to keep the game feeling fresh, but the result was that New Horizons felt unfinished. The game was bare-bones compared to past versions of Animal Crossing and didn’t have half as much to do. With the release of the last free update, New Horizons finally feels like a complete game. So what’s new? While there were a lot of things added and small things fixed, we’re just going to focus on the major gameplay changes and additions.


The beloved pigeon, Brewster, has been in Animal Crossing since 2005. He runs a cosy coffee shop, The Roost, usually located in the Museum. But he has been missing from New Horizons. A fan favourite, his absence has definitely been felt. Brewster is one of the most demanded additions to New Horizons. With the update, you can find him gyroid hunting on one of Kapp’n’s Islands and invite him to your island, where he will set up the Roost once more. You will also find some of your residents and NPCs there and can invite current and past Animal Crossing characters to the Roost via Amiibo card.


Speaking of Kapp’n, the turtle is back. In past versions of the game, Kapp’n is usually the one taking you to your new village at the start of every game. Whether it be by taxi, bus, or train, Animal Crossing typically kicks off with the retired seafarer. But New Horizons didn’t feature Kapp’n at all; until now. Now you can have him take you on island tours via his little boat off your dock. Some of these islands are extremely rare and feature exclusive items. He also sings you a little song while you make the journey..


Gyroids have, once again, been a part of every Animal Crossing game until New Horizons. They are little singing things that can be placed like furniture. In New Horizons, you can find a fragment on Kapp’n’s islands, bury it, water it, and a gyroid will grow the next day. Or some may be buried on your island after a rainy day. While past versions of gyroids have been annoying, the New Horizon’s gyroids are adorable and delightful. In New Horizons, Brewster is an avid collector. You’ll even get a Brewster gyroid after drinking enough coffee.

Cooking / Farming

Cooking has also been added to the game, something entirely unique to New Horizons. You can purchase crop starts from Leif, start a farm, and then cook the produce you grow. This opens up a whole host of fun recipes, and you can gift your creations to your residents. Eating a meal will make your villager stronger for longer, the same effect eating fruit previously had.

Group Stretching

You can also host a group stretching event in the plaza. Random villagers and NPCs will join you. You can use your controllers to actually stretch with them, or use the joysticks if you’re stuck with a Lite or don’t feel like standing up.

Harv’s Island

Harv’s Island was previously… pretty useless. There was really nothing to do there aside from taking pictures, which is fun once. Now you can help him build an open-air Farmers Market/Commune. For 100,000 bells each, you can invite NPCs to set up a permanent shop. Among these are Leif, Redd, Kicks, Saharah, Reese, and Cyrus, who have all been seen in New Horizons. But it also introduces the return of Tortimer, the mayor from past games. (Who some fans theorized was dead until now). Harriet, a hairdresser who introduces a ton of new hairstyles to the game. And the fortune-teller Katrina. This expansion to Harv’s island is a huge resource.

You no longer have to wait for these NPCs to come to your island to purchase goods from them. It also opens up more customization for previously uncustomisable items. And it’s another goal to work towards after you pay off your home loans.


You can now issue Ordinances through Isabelle in the town hall. These include things like adding a Bell Boom so that you find more bells and goods are worth more, but things also cost more. Or the Beautiful Island ordinance, which will have your villagers pick up weeds and trash and will cause your flowers to grow faster. You can also issue that your villagers wake up earlier or go to bed later.

Happy Home Paradise

In addition to 2.0, a DLC was added to the Nintendo Store. Happy Home Paradise allows you to “get a job” building vacation homes. You report to your boss Lottie for work, alongside your coworkers Niko and Wardell. From there, you choose a character and build a home for them. They will give you a theme and some items they want to see in their home. You can also design facilities, like a cafe or school and assign characters to work in them. Using an amiibo card, you can also design homes for NPCs like Isabelle or Tom Nook, where you will have free reign over the design.

Happy Home Paradise also introduces partition walls which allow for more design options in your house. It also includes a lot of new furniture. When you’ve designed enough vacation homes, you are able to then redesign the houses on your island.

HHP adds a lot to the game. Animal Crossing’s flaw has always been that it gets too repetitive. HHP adds some flavour and a lot more to do. So even long after you’ve paid off your home loan and made your island pretty, you can still really engage with the game. It adds to and boosts life on the island, but also extends the world a bit. You can interact with more characters beyond just your residents and have more interaction with NPCs beyond purchasing goods from them.


All in all, the 2.0 update and Happy Home Paradise have elevated New Horizons. It makes the game feel new and adds what many fans have been asking for. While they are both great, it’s hard to shake the feeling that this all should have been included from the get-go like past versions of the game. After playing a skeleton of a game for a year, we now truly have a new Animal Crossing game.

Do you like Animal Crossing 2.0? Do you agree with our Animal Crossing review? Let us know in the comments below.

We compare Animal Crossing with Stardew Valley HERE.

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