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Joey And Rachel Should’ve Got Together In Friends



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16 years may have passed since the last episode of Friends first aired, but it’s time to set the record straight: there was only one man for Rachel and it wasn’t that wet lettuce, Ross Geller, it can only be Joey.

If there’s a more revered show than Friends I’ve yet to see it. It’s been described as ‘the world’s favourite sitcom’, and has had millions of people habitually clapping along to the intro since 1994. After 10 seasons and over 70 famous guest appearances, the cast became national treasures, and the only semi-tolerated divide in opinion is on who was the best character (ahem, Chandler).

So what I’m about to say is probably as controversial as the finale of Game of Thrones (which, fyi, was dreadful. Don’t even try to fight me on this one).

To set the scene, I recently binge-watched the entire 10 seasons of Friends within the space of a month. And what’s worse (cue the gasps): it was the first time I’ve seen it all the way through.

If you haven’t had an aneurysm or imploded from sheer, unadulterated disgust then yeah, I had all the usual reactions… Ross and Rachel were not on a break. Shouldn’t there be some law against Richard being that old but that hot? Chandler and Monica were made for each other. Oh and yeah, Rachel belongs with Joey.

Yeah, listen up people of the world, ‘cause I’m only gonna say this about 15 times:

Joey and Rachel should’ve got together

Yes, die-hard Friends fans, I can hear your collective groaning. But I couldn’t care less about lobsters, breaks or proms. I care about the fact that Ross was a miserable, whiney, jealous, possessive bore-fest. Someone who’d obsessed about trophy girlfriend Rachel from his early teens.

Sure, I ugly-cried when Ross and Rachel kissed in the doorway of Central Perk to that rousing guitar solo. But that was after a year of on-screen romantic tension, and before all his annoying in-a-relationship-with-Rachel traits came out.

So if you wanna know why Joey and Rachel should’ve absolutely got together, here it is:

6. Joey and Rachel were friends before anything happened

A solid relationship is often built on friendship, and Joey had been friends with Rachel for seven years before he realised he had feelings for her.

As a friend, he was always supportive of Rachel in every way. He encouraged her to quit her job at Central Perk and pursue her dreams – even getting her an interview at Fortunata Fashions. Yeah, it was short-lived… but Joey got Rachel onto the ladder of her dream industry. This is in direct contrast to Ross who only jeopardized her career through his jealousy and possessiveness.

5. Joey’s respectfulness allowed him to put her feelings first

Joey tried to forget about his feelings for Rachel. Despite him loving her, he encouraged Rachel to move out of their apartment and move in with Ross so that he could be more involved with his baby.

When Joey eventually admitted his feelings to Ross, he assured him that he wasn’t going to act on them. Ross ultimately gave Joey permission to tell Rachel… but it doesn’t take away from the fact that Joey had respect for them, and was a true friend to both.

Ross, on the other hand, slept with that girl from the copy place on the same day Rachel suggested they take some time out. Jerk.

4. Joey begged Rachel to stay at the apartment with the baby

Despite Joey’s love for the ladies, he begged Rachel not to move out, even though she was pregnant.

Most young, single guys with a pregnant roommate would be thanking their lucky stars if they offered to move out voluntarily. A baby can severely hamper game, y’know?

But not Joey. Despite Rachel reminding him that a baby would be noisy and take up a lot of space, he begged her not to move out – and that was before he even had feelings for her.

3. Joey fell in love with Rachel whilst she was pregnant

Women are beautiful whether they’re expecting or not. But most who’ve been pregnant will tell you that it’s probably the time they felt their most insecure appearance-wise.

But Joey fell in love with Rachel when she felt her most uncomfortable, and in spite of her being pregnant with his friend’s child.

He reassured her when she was scared, took her to the hospital when she was worried and was there for her in ways that Ross simply wasn’t.

2. Joey blew off a date simply to make Rachel feel special

Joey lived for two things: sex and sandwiches. He was prepared to take a bullet for a sandwich, and he was willing to sacrifice a night of passion for Rachel.

After some months of pregnancy, Rachel was sad that she wouldn’t be able to date again for some time and told Joey how much she missed it. Joey’s response wasn’t just a pat on the back and a fare thee well: he blew off his date to take Rachel out instead. He even picked her up at their door and bought her flowers.

He wanted her to know that she was still sexy and beautiful. Something we never thought we’d see from the guy whose pick-up line was “how you doin’?”.

1. Joey never loved anyone but Rachel

Everyone knows that Joey was the most promiscuous of the gang. But when it came to dating, he wasn’t a long-term kinda guy, and freaked almost as much as Chandler at the thought of commitment.

So for Joey to fall in love with anyone was a huge deal – even more so a person that he’d never so much as kissed.

In the space of 10 seasons, Ross had been in love with more women than Chandler had had witty one-liners.

Contrast that with Joey who, in 10 seasons of Friends, only ever said he loved one person…Rachel.


Joey’s love for Rachel had the best possible foundation: friendship. Not infatuation with his sister’s best mate because she was the most popular girl in school.

No, Joey fell in love with Rachel for Rachel. He supported her, encouraged her, cared for her, and believed in her.

He was the Noah to her Allie. The Romeo to her Juliet. And even when it didn’t work out for them, he accepted it graciously (take note, Geller) and did the thing that people who shared something special do: remained friends and never stopped caring about her.

Yes, no matter what anyone else says, Joey and Rachel should’ve got together. His love for Rachel was real and pure. And if that doesn’t get you in the feels, I dunno what will.

Do you agree that Rachel and Joey should’ve been together in Friends? Or do you think Ross and Rachel were always meant to be? Leave us a comment in the box below.

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Cobra Kai Season 4 – Review



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Shades of grey

This brings me to one of my favourite things about the show. The constant back and forth dynamic between characters makes us feel that anything is possible. There is no black and white in the world of Cobra Kai. Where the Karate Kid told us that Daniel was good, and Johnny was bad, this show gives us a very different point of view. It’s a world where we’re never sure who to root for. In this season, we even see Hawk make a return to the “good guys” side after giving up his spot at Cobra Kai.

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This season is lacking in many of the big fight scenes of the previous seasons, instead choosing to focus their energy on the characters. The All Valley Tournament features several great karate matches and offers a satisfying conclusion to Johnny and Daniel’s arc. In the end, Cobra Kai takes the tournament win, but Johnny and Daniel have reached an understanding.

New champions

Tori defeats Sam to take the women’s All Valley trophy but later overhears her sensei paying off one of the referees. It’s clear that Cobra Kai has pulled yet another fast one. But the season ends on an even more ominous – and unexpected – note. Terry Silver assaults the over-aged former Cobra Kai member, Stingray, sending him to the hospital. He then makes a deal with Stingray to blame the crime on Kreese. We end the season with Kreese in handcuffs, Terry Silver set to take over Cobra Kai, and the future of Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do uncertain. In a last shocking twist, Miguel leaves town in search of his biological father.

Although some may miss the school hallway throw downs, I found this one satisfying in a different way. It just goes to show that the ever-expanding Cobra Kai universe can keep bringing surprises season after season.


Thank you for reading our review of Cobra Kai season four. Do you agree or disagree with our points or have anything to add? If so, leave us a comment below.

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