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Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets Is The Best Film In The Series



We Defend the Indefensible

harry potter and the chamber of secrets
Warner Bros.

This second instalment was a success in its day, breaking the curse that hangs over all second parts of a true blockbuster. But a lot of people turn their noses up at it. We’re here to argue that not only is it good, but that Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the best film in the series.

Perhaps precisely because it’s the second in a long series of films. This chapter has ended up being remembered as one of the ‘weakest’ of the adaptations of the magical adventures of the young Harry Potter.

But, there’s still a wide legion of fans of this flick. Those that are clear that any criticism of this film is pure hogwash, as any lover of the saga knows perfectly well that this film is the best of all.

To dispel any doubts about this film and to counteract all the unfair criticism it still receives. I’m going to explain the reasons that make Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets the BEST of the eight films Warner Bros produced.

Ready to relive the magic?

Let’s go!

Sweetness and darkness in equal parts

If you’re an absolute fan of the saga. You’ll know that the first two Harry Potter films are absolutely different from the rest. Both in terms of their production, atmosphere, dynamics and message.

This change in the dynamic of the films. That adapted JK Rowling’s novels. Is something that fans had to get used to. As the eight films had up to four different directors, each with their own hobbies and virtues.

This is the case of the first two instalments, directed by Chris Columbus. Who has always been a perfect director to adapt novels and be faithful to their content.

The personal stamp of Columbus has been the sweetness with which he impregnated his two deliveries. Making special emphasis in the Chamber of Secrets.

This was more complicated with some of the mature topics like death, bullying and murder that the treated its innocent audience to.

So much was his concern for following the story of the novel to the letter. That he made his film the longest of all (2 hours and 40 minutes) when the book he adapted is curiously one of the shortest.

Without a doubt, Columbus created one of the films with the greatest changes of pace in the whole franchise. Introducing all kinds of new scenarios, characters and stories. Without losing for a moment the atmosphere of innocence that so characterises him.

Ultimately Christopher Columbus wants you to leave the cinema feeling happy and entertained. You would’ve been with the Chamber of Secrets far more so than the other movies in the series.

John Williams is pure magic

Everyone recognises the Harry Potter soundtrack within three seconds of hearing it. Just like other great franchises with an epic soundtrack, such as Star Wars, Jaws and Indiana Jones. And whose credit is that? The wonderful and unrepeatable musical genius, John Williams.

Warner Bros. had the sense to hire the composer for their first two instalments, and thank goodness they did.

If he hadn’t done it, Harry Potter wouldn’t have a tune that everyone knows. Capable of awakening nostalgia with just one verse and providing that extra touch of love and magic that any wizard needs.

So, if you need a good reason to know that Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the most special. And unbeatable film of the eight. Remembering its soundtrack will help you.

After this release, the dynamics of the saga changed a lot. Awakening the hatred of many fans used to the stable and tender rhythm of Columbus. But especially those in love with its soundtrack, which although later continued to have a similar base, never again sounded the same.

Dobby is everyone’s elf

Who doesn’t love the cute little domestic elf who showed up one summer night in Harry Potter’s room? Dobby, the endearing little elf that had his appearance in this second film.

We didn’t see again until the seventh instalment; despite appearing much earlier in the books but he was certainly memorable.

Surely many saw this film as children of only about 9 or 10 years. So if you read these lines now an adult, you’ll understand what I mean: Dobby made this second film unforgettable.

The dynamic of the film would not have been the same if the director had not wanted to give so much prominence to this character. Who appears in the first 10 minutes, halfway through the film and in the last 10 minutes before the last scene of the film. No other secondary character has had so much power in the saga.

We all mourn his death in The Deathly Hallows. And we would have liked to have more scenes of this funny elf throughout the saga. So we will always have the second film to enjoy him and his peculiar way of saving the life of the young Potter.

Introducing Tom

It’s in this film that we first start to understand the backstory behind the most evil wizard who ever lived. We met Tom Riddle. We started to understand his motivations. We saw what evils he was capable of.

Magic everywhere

You may think it’s obvious to use magic as one of the reasons that make this Harry Potter film the best. But the reality is that apart from the first film, no other film presents the viewer with so many new magic elements as the Chamber of Secrets does.

Whether it’s because of the demands of the script or the need to introduce more information about the central story of the plot. The truth is that from the third film until the end, the saga took on a more serious tone. Sometimes even resembling a thriller about young magicians. Inevitably leaving innocence and magic behind.

The presentation of the Weasley’s burrow. The adventure in the flying car to get to Hogwarts. The Dueling Club. The multi-juice potions. The Quidditch. Dobby. The appearance of Fawkes the phoenix by Dumbledore. The basilisk. Tom Riddle’s diary. Or the adventure to the forbidden forest where they meet Hagrid’s spider. These are some of the many things that this film has and that in no other we can see again.

Wrapping up

Overall an entertaining film. Ssweet without being childish, and dark enough to be suitable for all audiences and not lose its originality.

Without a doubt, if any film in the Harry Potter saga is capable of generating such a rollercoaster effect, it’s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Now you know, this is the best film of series.

And that’s why Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the best film in the series. Is there anything we missed out that you think could’ve been on this list, or are we way out of our depth with this argument? If so, leave us a comment below.

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Comics & Literature

Harry Potter: The Questions You Keep Asking, Answered



Draco Malfoy Harry Potter image
Warner Bros.

It’s been over 24 years since the first instalment of the Harry Potter series was published. But regardless of the length of time passed, many questions are still left unanswered. Fansites still tear apart page upon page looking for the key to unlock J. K. Rowling’s extraordinary mind. Interviewers have fired question after question at the infamous author. Yet, when one question is answered, it seems to open the flood gates for many more.

J. K. Rowling has now moved onto crime fiction. But she still finds the odd spare moment to grace Potter fans with her virtual presence. Using Twitter to answer some of the endless questions’ fans have conjured.

Let’s take a look at some of the most valid Harry Potter questions asked on Twitter and how J.K. Rowling answered them.

What happened to Fluffy the three-headed dog?

Poor Fluffy wasn’t mentioned again after being set free in the Forbidden Forest. Never fear! Rowling is here to tell us of Fluffy’s fate.

Back in February 2015, Rowling replied to the question on Twitter. stating that ‘He was repatriated to Greece. Dumbledore liked to put Hagrid’s more foolish acquisitions back where they belong.’

Beyond the happily ever after

A snapshot of Harry, Ron and Hermione’s Happily Ever After is presented at the end of the final book. The three (and Ginny) complete the circle by walking their own children to the Hogwarts train.

But, their lives developed much more than having children. As Rowling revealed back in 2007. Hermione began her career within the Ministry of Magic. She worked in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Here, she became instrumental in the improvements for the treatment of house-elves. After this, she moved to the Dept. of Magical Law Enforcement, where she ensured the eradication of pro-pureblood laws.

Harry and Ron took different paths. Harry became an aura, a highly trained law enforcement officer. Ron went into the family business, helping his brother run Weasley’s Wizarding Wheels.

Did Harry, Ron and Hermione return to their schooling?

There’s a huge gap at the end of The Deathly Hallows. The pages seem to jump from the defeat of Voldemort to 19 years later. So did the famous trio return to school?

Rowling stated that Hermione returned to Hogwarts to complete her NEWT’s. But Harry and Ron did not, instead, they followed their career paths straight away. Although, I’m pretty sure defeating the source of all evil scores big points on a C.V.

Harry’s scar shape is important, right?

Well, no. Unfortunately, Rowling just thought ‘it looked cool’.

Potter super-fans have other ideas, though. One Tweet back in 2019 revealed that the scar could symbolise much more. @TodayYearsOld Tweeted:

‘Did you know Harry Potter’s scar isn’t a lightning bolt, but the hand motion to cast Avada Kedavra.’

Avada Kedavra is a killing curse used within the Dark Arts. The hand movement looks like a lightning bolt, but much softer. Not surprisingly, the Tweet went viral and caused shock waves through the Potter community.

What does Hufflepuff’s common room look like?

We are taken on a trip to Slytherin and Ravenclaw’s common room, and we spend a lot of time in Gryffindor’s. So, when fans asked Rowling for a description, she was only too happy to oblige.

‘The Hufflepuff common room is accessed through a portrait near the kitchens, as I am sure you have deduced. Sorry – I should say ‘painting’ rather than portrait because it is a still-life. It is a very cosy and welcoming place, as dissimilar as possible from Snape’s dungeon. Lots of yellow hangings, fat armchairs, and underground tunnels leading to the dormitories. All of which have perfectly round doors, like barrel tops.’

Is there more than one Wizarding school?

If you are one of those people who watch the films before the books. You’ll have probably asked ‘Is Hogwarts the only school for wizards?’. In this instance, it’s the books that hold the key, and if you take notes in ‘The Goblet of Fire.’ Students from other schools arrive at Hogwarts to attend the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

The books reveal more about a couple of schools, such as the Palace of Beauxbatons. Beauxbatons is a beautiful chateau situated in the Pyrenees mountains of Southern France. Durmstrang is another, and one of the three largest in Europe. Durmstrang is situated in the northmost regions of Norway or Sweden and is known for its Dark Arts.

Rowling has since revealed more schools, including Castelobruxo, Mahoutokoro, Uagadou and Ilverymorny.

Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood end up together?

It’s a no, which has disappointed fans. But the two remained close friends as Luna followed a career in Wizarding Naturalism. She became famous for tracking rare creatures before marrying Rolf Scamander.

Neville married fellow Hogwarts student Hannah Abbot. Surprisingly, Neville became an aura before returning to Hogwarts as a Herbology Professor.

Did Draco Malfoy get his just desserts?

This is a big one for Potter fans who wished to see Draco pay for everything he subjugated Harry to. But, as The Deathly Hallows hints, it appears he went through a huge transformation.

Draco was a complex character, not only a member of Slytherin, but he was also a bully. But much of his behaviour came from his upbringing.

Draco tried to prove himself to the Dark Lord, only to be rescued by the three he often tormented. This caused him and his mother to neglect Voldemort once it was believed Harry was dead. The two avoided Azkaban, and he went into a very dark place, emotionally. But he emerged a changed man. He had a wife and a son, and a simple nod to the trio 29 years on seemed to solidify that he had changed.

Thanks for reading our article on unanswered Harry Potter questions now answered. Did you already know these? Did we miss any big ones? Let us know in the comments below.

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