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Fact-Checking Policy


We aim to be 100% accurate in fact-checking our articles. Many may include the opinions and thoughts of our writers. But we strive to ensure that any elements based in fact are suitably checked and vetted to ensure we’re delivering an accurate service to you, our readers. 

Before any article is written, we ensure the information is correct. Plagiarism of similar sites is not acceptable for

While we admire what they do and many of them gave us the inspiration to set up in the first place, we are fully capable of dreaming up our own ideas and angles. 

Our writers create content about the things they love and the things you love. They are passionate about their subjects and want to provide the best and most accurate information that they can.

Is it official?

Where gossip and rumour circulate we may write around it. But will highlight this so as to not mislead audiences.

We’re not here to be click-bait but we do like a bit of gossip and speculation around our favourite topics as much as the next person.

Our writers are told to source any rumour no matter where it comes from. So even if we know it’s no more than speculation at least our readers know that as well and are not being misled.

Our writers and editors know what they’re doing and will ensure every article has the latest, relevant and most accurate information possible.

When we are the original source, we play by the rules. We communicate with publishers, media outlets and PR organisations where possible.

Considering The Big Picture

We want our audience to keep coming back to us. So it’s important that you trust and enjoy what we have to say. With this in mind, what would be the point of posting misleading and false information and claiming it as fact?

We will always try to be a beacon of honesty and we try to have fun with our posts.

We do acknowledge that from time to time the odd error may slip through the net. If you find one of these then please contact us.

For corrections or update requests, please send us a message via the below contact form or contact us HERE:

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