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Everything We Know About Spider-Man: No Way Home



Spider-Man No Way Home board image
Marvel Studios

With the MCU’s Spider-Man about to become a trilogy, everything points to an unprecedented webbed up film. Here’s everything we know about Marvel and Sony’s Spider-Man: No Way Home.

After a year of silence, Marvel is returning with the beginnings of Phase Four. WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki have all been met with rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Black Widow has also received good reviews after early screenings this week.

It seems that the next phase of Marvel is going to be an exciting one, and is heading in an innovative direction. But we haven’t had any movies in Phase Four post-Avengers Endgame, the only cinematic hint at life after the blip being the Phase Three movie Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Familiar faces

Set to return to set is the core cast from past MCU Spider-Man films. Tom Holland as Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Jacob Batalon as Ned, Zendaya as MJ, Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson, and Marisa Tomei as Aunt May. Directing is Jon Watts, who also directed the last two films. And the writers include MCU Spider-Man veterans Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers.

More interesting is the inclusion of Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr Strange. When looking at release dates, No Way Home will be the last cinematic release before the highly anticipated Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The keyword here is “Multiverse.” Both WandaVision and Loki have set up the concept of the Multiverse; there being multiple realities with several different versions of our beloved characters.

Is the TVA wrong?

The TVA in Loki is pretty insistent that there is only one, or should only be one, timeline. However, the end of Loki will probably disrupt that and the TVA is pretty sketchy with the truth, to begin with. It’s also rumoured that Elizabeth Olsen will appear as Wanda/Scarlet Witch in Dr Strange and that Tom Hiddleston might appear as Loki. The actor mentioned in an interview that he celebrated his 40th birthday on set, but Dr Strange was filming then, not Loki. It is possible they might appear in this movie as well. We know for a fact that the next Dr Strange movies will deal with the Multiverse on a large scale. Dr Strange’s appearance as a mentor figure for Spider-Man in No Way Home suggests that the films will be a lot more connected than previously thought.

New faces

But perhaps the evidence for the next Spider-Man film’s involvement with the Multiverse comes in the casting. Jamie Foxx is set to reprise his role as Electro. The role he played in Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man Two, starring Andrew Garfield. Also set to fill old shoes is Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus, the character he played in Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man 2. And of course, the infamous post-credit scene attached to Far From Home has J.K. Simmons reprising his role as J. Jonah Jameson. What fans thought was a cute cameo might actually be the beginnings of the Multiverse unravelling.

It’s clear that whatever happens in Loki will have implications for the Multiverse. And since Loki partially takes place in 2012 and also outside of time, it’s possible that the effects of the show could be felt in 2024, when Far From Home took place. So the J. Jonah Jameson we saw in Far From Home could literally be the same J. Jonah Jameson from the Tobey Maguire movies and was our first hint at the Multiverses colliding.

Cast rumours

Furthermore, there are several rumours about unofficial castings. Jamie Foxx posted and then deleted a picture of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland together in response to questions about No Way Home. Andrew Garfield has vehemently denied his involvement in the film, but most fans have ignored those claims. A lot of people believe that he could just be trying to keep a reveal as big as that a secret. also reported that Andrew Garfield and Kristen Dunst will be in the next film. Dunst reprising her role as Mary Jane from the Tobey Maguire films. It’s was also reported back in December that Tobey Maguire will return if he can work out a deal with Sony/Disney. And that Emma Stone will come back as Gwen Stacy if her pregnancy permits. The only two official casting announcements have been for Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina, but the ties surrounding the rest of the Spider-Man alums are too strong to be ignored.


So what does that mean for the plot? If all these old Spider-Men are in the film, alongside characters from their prospective franchises, how will they interact? What does this mean for the Sony/MCU relationships? We’ve already been teased with a studio crossover. Evan Peters making an appearance as the character he played in Fox’s X-Men in WandaVision. And while this “Quicksilver” turned out to be a disappointing phallic red-herring, many fans speculate that all that might be another mislead. That Evan Peters does play Quicksilver in the MCU and is undercover. Regardless, the MCU relied on an actor who played a Marvel character for another studio for a reveal. Perhaps they were just dipping our toe in for what we’re going to see in No Way Home?

If this happens it will pull all the Spider-Man films into the MCU canon. This could also be a backdoor way for them to introduce the X-Men and Fantastic Four, whom we know are getting movies in Phase Five. It would be an unprecedented crossover, something Marvel excels at.

Identity exposed

In terms of the actual plot, we know that Peter Parker’s secret identity has been revealed. The No Way Home title probably means one of two things. Either he can’t get home because he’s been exposed, and so has been on the run for supposedly murdering Mysterio. In that case, he will probably find sanctuary at the New York Sanctum with Dr Strange. How the other characters get involved is unclear. Or he gets trapped in another universe and has to find his way home.

Set pictures suggest that Peter is a fugitive with MJ and Ned, so the first outcome is most likely. Some fans postulate that Peter might end up jumping from reality to reality. All this to say, very little is known about the plot for No Way Home. Marvel is keeping a pretty tight lid on it, which is impressive given that Tom Holland is the main character. We do know that whatever happens in this movie will set up the Multiverse of Madness and will probably have much bigger implications for the MCU than expected.

Everything that’s come out about this next instalment in the MCU has made it a highly anticipated film. With so much unknown and so many people rumoured to be in it, it could be a pivotal film for the MCU. Luckily we don’t have too much longer to wait.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will be swinging into cinemas on 17 December 2021.

That’s everything we know so far about Spider-Man: No Way Home. Did we miss anything? Are you looking forward to the return of Spidey? Let us know in the comments below.

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Movie News

Hogwarts Houses For MCU Characters



MCU Harry Potter houses image
Marvel Studios & Warner Bros.

Since its conception, Hogwarts houses have been a deciding factor in getting to know people. How someone answers “what Hogwarts house are you in?” can tell you a lot about a person. But where do some of our favourite MCU characters shape up when faced with the sorting hat?

Tony Stark/Iron Man- Ravenclaw

While Tony could be argued for almost any of the houses, Ravenclaw suits him best. Most of his development comes from the pursuit of knowledge. Aside from being one of the smartest characters in the MCU, he is constantly learning and improving upon his technology. He tends to approach large problems from a strategic and pragmatic standpoint, especially in his later films. Admittedly he can be brave and somewhat self-servingly ambitious. But who he is at the end of his arc and the way that he solves problems points to Iron Man being in Ravenclaw.

Steve Rogers/Captain America- Gryffindor

Is it even a question? Steve Rogers is definitely a Gryffindor. From day one, he has always strived to do what’s right. And he subtly wants a bit of glory for it too. He’s a natural leader and has always rushed into danger without a thought. He is undoubtedly driven by bravery and righteousness and is through and through a Gryffindor.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow- Hufflepuff

Natasha is tricky. She could truthfully swing in any direction. It may seem strange to put a spy in Hufflepuff, but if nothing else, Natasha is loyal. She cares deeply for those close to her and has shown that she’s willing to die for them. Her characterization throughout the MCU has been lacking, but her solo film has shown her to be fiercely loyal.

Bruce Banner/The Hulk- Ravenclaw

Another Ravenclaw. Similar to Tony, Bruce is very intelligent. While he seems to be less inclined to want to fight battles than Tony is, he is constantly learning. His relationship with the Hulk can even be characterized this way. By a desire to learn how to control him, then to understand him, then to become him. His arc is one that is driven by knowledge.

Thor- Gryffindor

Thor is always looking to prove himself. Even though he can lift the hammer, he is constantly looking for validation that he is worthy. He’s not usually afraid of much, and when he is, he faces it anyway. What makes Thor a Gryffindor though is his desire to be the hero. He’s not in Slytherin because he doesn’t desire to rule. He’s not ambitious, he just wants validation.

Peter Parker/Spiderman- Gryffindor

Peter is another hard one. He’s intelligent like Bruce and Tony, which could throw him into Ravenclaw. He’s loyal to his friends, which could put him into Hufflepuff. But at his core, Peter is in Gryffindor. The proof is in one of his first lines in the MCU. In Civil War, he tells Tony, “if you can do the things I do, and you don’t, then bad things happen because of you. (paraphrased)” He feels that because he’s special, he has to act. And unlike Steve and Thor, Peter is almost always afraid. He faces his challenges in spite of that. And while he wants to have a normal life, and a typical High School experience, he selflessly puts himself on the line. Once again, Peter is not looking for recognition, he’s just trying to do the right thing.

Dr Strange- Ravenclaw

Lots of Ravenclaws in the MCU. For Dr Strange, there really isn’t any other option. He is completely driven by the pursuit of knowledge. And while recognition came with that, we see with his journey into the mystic arts that his true motivation comes from learning. He’s a very similar character to Tony Stark, and both of them are textbook Ravenclaws.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch- Hufflepuff

Like Natasha, Wanda is driven by her relationships. She is faithfully loyal to her brother, then Vision, then her family. She is definitely motivated to protect and care for those she loves. Including creating an entire alternate reality to be with them! Wanda is brave and intelligent, but at her core, she is loyal.

Loki- Slytherin

Finally, a Slytherin. Once again, was there any other option? Loki is characterized by his cunning and ambition. He wants to rule. And he doesn’t get there by rushing into battle. He gets there by being sneaky and clever. Loki is a Slytherin through and through.

Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel- Slytherin

This may not feel like the obvious choice for Carol, but she definitely portrays characteristics of a Slytherin. She’s the best, and she wants people to know it. She’s confident and clever, and she likes attention. We don’t know her very well yet, but from what we’ve seen, she seems to relish in the attention her efforts provide. She is good, helpful, and ambitious.

T’Challa/Black Panther- Hufflepuff

T’Challa is also driven by loyalty. But while he is protective of those he loves, his true loyalty is to Wakanda. He’s not king because of ambition, he’s king out of duty. Everything he does is through the lens of “what is best for Wakanda?” While it’s a bit unconventional, his loyalty to Wakanda characterizes him as a Hufflepuff.

Scott Lang/Ant-Man- Gryffindor

At first, it appears that Scott would be in Hufflepuff. After all, he is very motivated by his relationship with his daughter. But if he were truly 100% driven by that, he would have made different choices. He would not have betrayed Hope and Hank and teamed up with Captain America without their permission. He also would not have stolen from his company and landed in jail in the first place. But both of those above decisions do characterize him as a Gryffindor. He wants to be in the action, and he doesn’t always consider the consequences. Scott isn’t really looking for recognition and is not that ambitious, but he does want to be involved in the big events. He wants to help people, and he bravely faces battles. Sometimes without discretion.

Do you agree with our picks for these MCU characters in Hogwarts Houses? If not or if we’ve missed any out, leave us a comment below.

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