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7 Differences You May Have Missed Between The Divergent Book And Film



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Although the film adaptation of Veronica Roth’s Divergent stays relatively true to its source material, there are a few key differences and omissions that every fan needs to know about. Here’s our list of 7 differences you may have missed between The Divergent book and film

Although the film adaptations of Veronica Roth’s literary Divergent series didn’t garner the same buzz as The Hunger Games with which they’re compared to, the books are nonetheless a fantastic read.

But if you’ve only watched the films, you’re missing out on a few key differences from the books (and in some cases, complete omissions) that give more detail and context to the story.

Here are 7 of the biggest differences between the first book and film of the series, Divergent.

WARNING: The next section contains spoilers and excerpts from the first book and film.

1. The aptitude test doesn’t offer Tris meat and a knife

In the film, Beatrice’s (Tris’) aptitude test shows her being given the choice between meat and a knife as a means of dealing with a vicious dog. In the book though, the choice is slightly different.

On the table in front of me are two baskets. In one is a hunk of cheese, and in the other, a knife the length of my forearm.

This may seem like an insignificant detail but, we learn from the books that Abnegation eat plain foods and meats – such as chicken. For Tris to have a fair choice in her aptitude test, she’d have to be presented with two things that are familiar to her, which makes their use of meat in the film questionable.

2. Tris’ mum visits her at Dauntless HQ and meets Four

Watching it, the next difference we see from the Divergent book to the film is Tris’ mum (Natalie) find Tris while members of Dauntless are loading wagons with supplies. It is here that Tris tells Natalie that her aptitude test was inconclusive, and Natalie tells Tris she is in danger as a Divergent. Although their risky reunion adds to the tension and suspense, their meeting in the books is far less covert. 

The initiates all get a ‘Visiting Day’ where their families can come and see them – even if they’ve transferred to a new faction. Natalie also meets Four (something which never happens in the films as she dies before there’s a chance) and recognises him.

She tilts her head. “You look familiar for some reason, Four.”

“I can’t imagine why,” he replies, his voice suddenly cold. “I don’t make a habit of associating with the Abnegation.”

My mother laughs. She has a light laugh, half air and half sound. “Few people do, these days. I don’t take it personally.”

He seems to relax a little. “Well, I’ll leave you to your reunion.”

We don’t know this at the time, but Four’s face is familiar to Natalie because he is actually Tobias, the Abnegation leader’s son. Tobias moved to Dauntless at 16 years old, amongst controversy and speculation that his father used to abuse him.

3. Natalie knows about the simulation serum and sends Tris on a mission to Erudite

During the above meeting, Natalie also gives Tris a job to do (which isn’t mentioned in the film), and we get our first hint that something sinister may be going on behind the scenes.

“There’s something I want you to do,” she says. “I can’t go visit your brother, but you can, when initiation is over. So I want you to go find him and tell him to research the simulation serum. Okay? Can you do that for me?”

Of course, we later discover that this simulation serum is what Erudite use to control Dauntless soldiers and turn them into robot-like killers.

4. Tris overhears a secret conversation about Divergents

Leader of Erudite and mastermind behind the plot to overthrow Abnegation, Jeanine, is seen meeting Tris several times during the film. The first is at the beginning during the Choosing Ceremony. The second is in the halls at Dauntless HQ. And the third is when Tris goes to Erudite HQ to find her brother.

But this third meeting in the film is Tris’ first actual meeting with her in the books – although, prior to this, she overhears a secret conversation between Jeanine and Eric when everyone else is asleep.

The dormitory is dark now – everyone has gone to bed. Probably exhausted from resenting me so much, I think with a wry smile. As if coming from the most hated faction wasn’t enough, now I’m showing them up, too.

I get out of bed to get a drink of water. I’m not thirsty, but I need to do something. My bare feet make sticky sounds on the floor as I walk, my hand skimming the wall to keep my path straight. A bulb glows blue above the drinking fountain.

I tug my hair over one shoulder and bend over. As soon as the water touches my lips, I hear voices at the end of the hallway. I creep closer to them, trusting the dark to keep me hidden.

“So far there haven’t been any signs of it.” Eric’s voice. Signs of what?

“Well, you wouldn’t have seen much of it yet,” someone replies. A female voice; cold and familiar, but familiar like a dream, not a real person. “Combat training shows you nothing. The simulations, however, reveal who the Divergent rebels are, if there are any, so we will have to examine the footage several times to be sure.”

At this point, Tris doesn’t know the voice belongs to Jeanine. It’s only later when she meets her in person at Erudite HQ that Tris realises the voice she overheard at Dauntless belongs to her.

5. Al fancies Tris

next on our list of Divergent book and film differences is the friendship between Tris and Christina. It’s the main focus of the films – with Will also getting a little air time. But Tris, Christina, Will and Al all are all very close in the books. In fact, Al feels more for Tris than just friendship.

“I feel braver when I’m around you, you know,” he says. “Like I could actually fit in here, the same way you do.”

I am about to respond when he slides his arm across my shoulders. Suddenly I freeze, my cheeks hot.

I didn’t want to be right about Al’s feelings for me. But I was.

Al’s deep friendship and romantic feelings for Tris are just not explored in the film, which makes Al’s suicide after betraying Tris seem a little extreme for those who don’t know this backstory.

6. One of the initiates is stabbed through the eye in the middle of the night

One event which is completely left out of the films is a horrendous stabbing in the communal dorm as the initiates sleep.

I hear a scuffle across the room and lift my head from the pillow. My eyes aren’t adjusted to the dark, so I stare into pure black, like the backs of my eyelids. I hear shuffling and the squeak of a shoe. A heavy thud.

And then a wail that curdles my blood and makes my hair stand on end. I throw the blankets back and stand on the stone floor with bare feet. I still can’t see well enough to find the source of the scream, but I see a dark lump on the floor a few bunks down. Another scream pierces my ears.


The lights come on.

Edward lies on the floor next to his bed, clutching at his face. Surrounding his head is a halo of blood, and jutting between his clawing fingers is a silver knife handle. My heart thumping in my ears, I recognise it like a butter knife from the dining hall. The blade is stuck in Edward’s eye.

Edward was ranked first on the leaderboard – making him a target for others who want to secure the safety that comes with that top spot. And it’s not long before the culprit/s are revealed.

When I look around, I see that only two faces are missing.


And Peter.

Not only does this add weight to Peter’s sinister nature, but it’s also a reminder of how tense things can get between initiates, who are all competing with one another so they don’t become factionless.

7. Only Four is sat in the control room manning the simulation computers

In the film when Tris heads back to Dauntless HQ to shut down the program controlling many of the Dauntless members, the control room is full of people from Erudite. This includes Erudite’s leader, Jeanine. But in the books, Four is the only person there.

One of the screens has a line of code on it instead of an image. It breezes past faster than I can read it. It is the simulation, the code already compiled, a complicated list of commands that anticipate and address a thousand different outcomes.

In front of the screen is a chair and a desk. Sitting in the chair is a Dauntless soldier.

“Tobias,” I say.

This isn’t a huge difference, but it does change the atmosphere at the moment where Four tries to kill Tris (under simulation).

And that’s our list of 7 Divergent book and film differences. Did we miss any? Of course, there are many more subtle differences between the book and film which have less impact on the overall plot. Are there any you would have included? Leave a comment below.

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DC Fandome 2021 – Revelations, Trailers and the future



Black Adam image
DC Comics

At the recent virtual DC Fandome 2021 over 66 million fans tuned in across 220 countries. They listened in 12 different languages. All to find out the scoop on what’s to come for the comic book franchise, new DC revelations and even watch trailers of soon to be released films and TV shows.

But, if you weren’t one of the millions to be watching from home, below is the Film, TV and Gaming announcements and revelations that would interest any DC fan.


Black Adam

DC Fandome 2021 started with a world exclusive trailer of Black Adam! The man himself Dwayne Johnson. Along with a host of the films other stars including Pierce Brosnan, Aldis Hodge, Quintessa Swindell and Noah Centineo. They introduce themselves and the exclusive trailer.

During the 4-minute intro below, you see Johnson excitably launch his passion project. He explains how much the Black Adam universe means to him. We are also told that the film is currently in post-production with the film being released on the 29th of July 2022.

We don’t get much information or storyline from the trailer. But Dwayne’s enthusiasm for the character and the gritty darkness of what we do get in the trailer is enough, for now, to keep us excited about this Movie.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

During the day’s events, Jason Momoa was on hand to give fans an in-depth dive into the world of Aquaman. Firstly, apologising for the four-year wait. However, Momoa and director James Wan appeased fans with a host of behind-the-scenes clips. Plus a glimpse of some unusual conceptual art. Which included quirky looking desert creatures and giant grasshoppers.

We have also been promised by Wan that we are going to be getting a film that’s more mature, giving the audience something new, exciting and an experience we haven’t seen before. The 2-and-a-half-minute look into the sequel, below, was enough to make any fan excited for its theatrical release in December 2022.

DC’s League of Super-Pets

A fun animated adventure was also announced. DC’s League of Super-Pets will bring super-pets like Krypto and Ace the Bat-Hound to life for the first time.

In an exclusive trailer, fans were introduced to the two pups, voiced by Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, in a light-hearted look into the film. The full movie voice by the comedy pairing along with some other famous names such as Keanu Reeves and Vanessa Bayer is set to be released next November.

The Flash

Another film trailer to hit the DC Fandome 2021 screens was The Flash. Portrayed once again by Ezra Miller and directed by Andy Muschietti. Fans were introduced to the trailer and the concept of the film, where the Flash unlocks the DC cinematic universe. He time hops back to the ’90s where Michael Keaton, reprises his role, he originated in 1989’s ‘Batman’ and 1992’s ‘Batman Returns’.

We’re elated that we get another film with Michael Keaton as Batman. Even if the storyline does sound a little farfetched. We’re sure Muschietti will get the narrative across perfectly and the film will be an instant hit. The film is due to hit cinemas in November 2022.

The Batman

The DC Fandome 2021 team knew exactly what they were doing when they left the release of the second Batman trailer to the very end of the day. Like fans around the world, we also couldn’t wait to see more of Patterson, fully suited up, showcasing his gritty take on the hero. Director Matt Reeves, Robert Pattinson (Batman) and Zoe Kravitz (Selina Kyle/ cat woman) were there to lead the trailers release.

Granted the jury is still out if Patterson can pull of the dark knight or not but we have to admit we are excited to see him in action. We also have a sneaky suspicion that for the first time in a film setting since Michelle Pfeifferthey may have nailed the casting for Selina Kyle with Zoe Kravitz. We don’t have long left to find all this out though, as after a few Covid related interruptions Batman is now set to be released in theatres on March 4th, 2022.

Injustice and Catwoman: Hunted

If some of these DC film releases seem a little far away, fear not because we were also made aware that two animated films will be released quite soon. With Injustice’s release this October and an anime-inspired animated DC offering in the form of Catwoman on February the 8th 2022, both the feature-length animations will be available on digital, 4K and Blu-ray. To take a sneak peak of Catwoman: Hunted you can watch the trailer below.


When it came to the TV side of the DC world there were a lot of announcements and trailers mainly around continuing shows such as, Titans, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Stargirl along with the more anticipated trailers for:


Has been renewed for another season, despite the departure of Ruby Rose. The new trailer showcased its new Batwoman – Ryan Wilder played by Javicia Leslie.

Doom Patrol

Is set to be returning for a fourth season. During the announcement followers of the show were treated to a wonderfully odd and endearing mid-season trailer.

The Flash

Is set for yet another inter-universe team up as The Flash team takes on a deadly mission against the ‘Armageddon’ villains. Which could decide the fate of humankind. The villainous gang is headed up by Tony Cuttan as Despero, Arrowverse’s Tom Cavanagh as Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash and Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk.



First seen in this summer’s ‘The Suicide Squad’ Movie, John Cena’s comedic take of the Peacemaker is set to have its own HBO Max show. The fun and quirky trailer to the first series premiered at the event. Along with a behind the scenes look at the making of the series. It shows that director James Gunn is staying true to his unique, comedic style. The Trailer also shows the other great actors involved in the series including the hilarious ‘Orange is the New Black’ star Danielle Brooks, Christopher Heyerdahl, Robert Patrick and Jennifer Holland. This eight-episode series is set to be released on 13 January.

The Sandman

Viewers of the event didn’t find out much about this Netflix offering. But we did get glimpses of Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer Morningstar. Wwhich let’s be honest along with the announcement that this is actually happening, is enough to get most of us DC fans excited about its release. There is no release date yet but I’m sure over the coming months there will be more announcements about this extraordinarily dark and forbidding series.


Based on the comic book series of the same name created by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker and Jamal Campbell. The TV adaptation of the story was announced with a one-minute ten-second trailer. This superhero drama is based around a comic book-loving teenager who discovers she has superpowers. Her curiosity leads her onto a journey into the Multiverse in search of answers. We haven’t got a definitive release date yet, but we have been promised it will be in 2022.


Suicide squad: Kill the Justice League

Since the announcement of this game at last year’s Fandome we haven’t had much information or even any gameplay footage. However, at this year’s event, we did get quite an in-depth trailer and a little look at the storyline. In this game, the player gets a choice of playing Harley Quinn, King Shark, Captain Boomerang or Deadshot. As they take on a new mission against an alien threat that has brainwashed the Justice League. There is still no hint to a release date or even a gameplay trailer, but we have been assured 2022 will be full of hints about the game and hopefully a conclusive release date.

Gotham Knights

Another game trailer that was released at the Fandome, that excited fans across the world was Gotham Knights. Continuing its Arkham-style adventures, Games Montreal has been working hard on the narrative and gameplay functions of this game. This game, in particular, was supposed to be released sometime in 2021 but it was delayed and we have now got a 2022 release time frame.

In this game you get to play a number of characters including Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood in an open-world action online RPG in order to uncover secrets and take down the Court of Owls.

So there you have it, some of the top DC new from the Fandome 2021. What do you think about all the new announcements? What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below..

Read our review of DC’s The Suicide Squad HERE.

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