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5 Perfect Actors To Play Arthur Morgan In A Red Dead Redemption 2 Movie

Rebecca Johansson



Red Dead Redemption 2 artwork
Rockstar Games

With Red Dead Redemption 2 being such a smash hit, there are calls for it to be turned into a Blockbuster movie. But Arthur Morgan’s shoes aren’t easily filled, so who would be the best Red Dead Redemption Actors for the job?

When a game has as solid a story as Red Dead Redemption 2, turning it into a film isn’t an easy task, nor finding the right actors. Not only do you have to stay true to the plot and setting, but the actors are pivotal to its success. Stray too much from the character that gamers have spent hours inhabiting and you’ll find yourself with a major turkey.

But get the casting right, and you’re on to a winner.

So with Hollywood’s latest trend of (trying) to adapt games into successful movies, here are our top five actors to play the legendary Arthur Morgan in RDR2 on the big screen.

1) Tom Hardy

The “Brawler” Morgan

Tom Hardy is a fantastic actor and has become known for playing tough characters with a thirst for brawling and violence. This tendency would make him a top choice to play a more ruthless Arthur who has no qualms about unloading a round into his rivals.

Hardy’s an actor with a very physical presence who isn’t afraid to do his own stunts and get dirty – perfect for a gritter Arthur Morgan. But Hardy has admitted he prefers playing the villain, so this might be a hindrance when a more sensitive Morgan is needed.


● Plays a good ‘bad boy’

● Although he’s older than Arthur Morgan is in RDR2, Hardy looks younger

● Has a great beard


● His love of playing the villain may result in a one dimensional Morgan

● Could find Arthur’s iconic accent tricky to replicate

2) Leonardo DiCaprio

The “All-Rounder” Morgan

This guy smashes every role he’s given. Whether he’s getting savaged by a bear, playing a desperate drug addict, or wooing the ladies on a cruise ship, the guy is an acting god and would be an immense choice from the actors to play Arthur Morgan in a Red Dead Redemption movie.

DiCaprio is so versatile, and his ability to play a bad boy as well as a soft-hearted soul gives him a real edge when it comes to playing the multi-faceted Morgan. Oh, and I’m gonna go on record as saying that the best part in the horrendous Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was Leo’s scene as Caleb DeCoteau, so his cowboy credentials are already in the bag.


● First-class actor

● Experience playing a cowboy after his turn in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

● Proven ability to play roles with a range of emotions

● Is just ace


● Arthur Morgan is 36 years old in the game. DiCaprio is currently 45 years old

● Could find Arthur’s iconic accent tricky to replicate

3) Roger Clark

The “Voice” Morgan

“Who the hell is Roger Clark?” I hear. Well, he’s the legend behind Arthur Morgan’s iconic voice and swagger (courtesy of motion capture technology). 

Sure Roger is a bit of an “unknown” – and he certainly doesn’t have the Hollywood presence of any of the other actors on this list – but Clark’s dulcet tones are arguably Morgan’s most iconic feature. Perhaps even more than his appearance.

So while we reserve judgement on Clark’s acting ability, he deserves a spot on this list for those golden vocal cords alone.


● Has the voice of Arthur Morgan

● Has the appearance of Arthur Morgan

● Has the movement of Arthur Morgan

● Is basically Arthur Morgan


● Isn’t an A-list actor so may not have the screen presence of the others on this list

● Would appeal to lovers of the game but perhaps not to a wider audience

4) Chris Evans

The “Good-Looking” Morgan

Best known as Marvel’s Captain America, Chris Evans would be perfect to play a softer Arthur Morgan. Yeah, Morgan’s an outlaw and a killer, but those who’ve played Red Dead Redemption 2 know that Arthur can be played as a “good guy”. The guy who saves his former flame’s brother from a cult acts as a surrogate dad to little Jack and risks his life to save John Marston. These traits have a definite Captain America vibe, and it doesn’t hurt that Evans is also incredibly easy on the eye.


● Perfect to play a more sensitive Morgan who wants more than just the life of an outlaw

● Only 3 years older than Arthur Morgan is in the game – ideal

● Provides eye candy encouragement for wives and girlfriends who wouldn’t otherwise choose to watch an RDR2 film

● Has Hollywood’s best beard


● Can he be a convincing outlaw and killer when required?

● Could find Arthur’s iconic accent tricky to replicate

5) Brad Pitt

The “Funny” Morgan

Now here’s a guy who loves – and suits – an action role, but who’s so likeable that he can never completely be the bad guy. He has that charming on-screen persona that makes him so enjoyable to watch and convincing in whatever role he’s given.

Plus, think back to any of the Oceans films and you’ll remember how he can deliver a one-liner with perfect comedic timing – ideal for injecting a bit of humour into Morgan’s character.

But at 56 years old, is he too old to play the role of Arthur Morgan?


● Big Hollywood actor with the gravitas to pull crowds

● Has a strong history of playing top-notch action characters

● Is naturally funny and would bring an extra dimension to Morgan’s character


● At 20 years older than Morgan is in RDR2, Pitt could be considered too old

Do you agree with our list, would these be your top 5 actors to fill Morgan’s shoes? Let us know in the comments below.

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Animal Crossing vs. Stardew Valley

Victoria Newell



Animal Crossing vs Stardew Valley image
Nintendo & ConcernedApe

In the world of video game escapism, there are generally two options. Become a hero, mowing down enemies and saving the world…or engage in fun, relaxing physical labour. Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing are both games that focus on building a community and town. While both of these games have similar goals and objectives, they definitely have their own pros and cons. So to which escapist town should you retire? We’re looking at Animal Crossing vs Stardew Valley.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing hit the world hard in the early weeks of the pandemic. The most recent iteration of the game; Animal Crossing; New Horizons released for the Nintendo Switch on March 20, 2020. But the game itself has been around since April 14, 2001, starting its journey on the GameCube.

You play as the Villager, who moves to a new town and takes out a housing loan from the infamous Tom Nook. To pay off your debt, you can sell fish, fruit, bugs, or fossils; donating those same items to Blathers’ museum. Once you’ve paid off your debt to Tom Nook, he graciously expands your house and grants you a new loan. It’s a classic tale of capitalism.

There’s plenty of stuff you can do in addition to working on your housing debt as well. You can design the interior of your house, collect rare items, work on completing the museum, and meet your neighbours. The other townsfolk are a collection of cute animals who will move in and out of the Village. You can celebrate holidays, birthdays, and special events, exploring the Village and the animals who live in it.

Now New Horizons takes the classic Animal Crossing formula and adds a little twist to it. Instead of living in the typical Village, you arrive at an uninhabited island. Tom Nook, alongside his nephews, Timmy and Tommy, have bought an island and are offering you and three other townsfolk a new life on a brand new island. Besides to paying off your housing debt and decorating your house, you can also decorate the entire island and make decisions about its layout. This is the most autonomy the player has had over the layout and look of their village, as well as the townsfolk who reside there.

Animal Crossing is a peaceful experience with pleasing graphics and music. It’s a classic game; with the Villager and staple Animal Crossing characters like Isabel being playable Smash characters. It has been an established and loved game for over twenty years.

But Animal Crossing, specifically New Horizons, is not without its flaws. The game moves in real-time, and while you can cheat and time jump, it can definitely become monotonous. New Horizons is also lacking in events. The game has decided to release new features in free updates as time goes on. For example, the ability to swim and dive was added to the June 22nd update, four months after the game’s release. New holidays, furniture, and characters also prop up in updates. New Horizons also has a crafting feature, and while it adds a new element to the game, it makes it significantly harder to get the furniture and design pieces the player desires. The townsfolk also have limited dialogue options, and interacting with them can become boring.

In an effort to make New Horizons feel new every few months, it comes across as feeling incomplete. It is easy to feel as though you’re doing chores, rather than playing a game.

Stardew Valley

Similar to Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley is also a game about building up a village and home. Both games are designed for peaceful escapism to a quiet town. But Stardew Valley absolutely has its differences from Animal Crossing. It’s a much newer game, coming out February 26, 2016, and is playable on several consoles; PC, Playstation, Xbox, Switch, iOS, and Android.

You play as the Farmer, moving to your deceased grandfather’s farm to escape the monotony of life in the big city. You earn money by selling your crops, fishing and mining. Stardew Valley also has a pretty large crafting feature; like Animal Crossing.

But where the character interactions in Animal Crossing or meant to be cute or humorous with very little long-term consequences, your relationship with the other residents in Stardew Valley are a massive part of the game. You can even marry another character and have children with them. Once you reach certain relationship levels with them, you may receive a cut scene giving you more insight as to who they are. These cutscenes reveal an intricate and interesting larger story taking place in the valley.

There is also a combat feature because as you mine, you encounter monsters. Some cute 8-bit creatures to get your heart racing. There are mysteries to unlock throughout the valley as well. Supernatural elements abound through sightings of mermaids, woodland creatures, and the cooky Wizard.

Stardew Valley has seasonal events as well. They are cute and low-stakes events where you can get to know the other residents of the Valley and enjoy each other’s company. There are larger events as well, progressing the longer you live in the Valley, that have long-term implications for the community.

Simply put; Stardew Valley has significantly more to do than Animal Crossing and a much more elaborate plotline. But where Stardew Valley is more intricate than Animal Crossing, it is also more complicated. There is a lot to keep up with, and sometimes it feels as though there are not enough virtual hours in a day to get done all the Farmer needs to do. Time in Stardew Valley moves fast, with each hour passing by in increments of ten minutes, seven seconds in real life between them. If your Farmer is awake past 2am they will pass out, so you have to be in bed at a reasonable time.

Even though Animal Crossing can become boring in its simplicity, Stardew Valley becomes almost overwhelming. Do you focus on the Farmer’s love life? Turning a fast crop profit? Upgrading your house? Exploring the mine? Because there is definitely not enough time in the Stardew Valley day to do it all.

Furthermore, to the graphics snob, it should be noted that Stardew Valley is an 8-bit game. But the game design is beautiful, and the music is cute and relaxing.

The Village or the Valley?

In the question of Animal Crossing vs. Stardew Valley, the answer comes down to one thing. Do you want to do simple tasks to take your mind off the stresses of the day? Then your answer is Animal Crossing. Do you want to dive into an intricate world with nuanced stories, prepared to put some work into your farm? Stardew Valley is your game.

They both scratch the same itch. Simplistic escapism in the form of simple tasks and cute stories. The question is how you scratch that itch.

Thanks for reading our Animal Crossing vs Stardew Valley article. Which side do you fall on? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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