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7 Nintendo Switch Games To Be Excited About



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It’s still early in the year, and many games are still as TBC or “coming soon.” Especially when you look at the games that we assume they will release from May onwards. But what are the Nintendo Switch games to get excited about? We have a look at seven new titles.

With a while to go, it doesn’t prevent us from the hype about the Nintendo Switch games that we can get existed about this year. For the innovation, the study that has created them, or the value they have shown on other consoles. Of all the games that will come out, we have made a list with the 7 most promising, ordered by release date.

1. Super Mario 3D World and Bowser’s Fury

Release date: 12 February 2021
Genre: platforms / multiplayer mode

There can’t be a single year that Nintendo doesn’t give us a Mario game. And we appreciate it. This year we celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario. Nintendo gives us the reissue of the Wii U game Super Mario 3D World. They also include an added: Bowser’s Fury.

This improved version includes local and online multiplayer. The game, even in 3D, recovers the lateral or frontal mobility that made the plumber so popular. This makes it a simpler game (in a good way), without losing the fun of a good Mario game.

Adding Bowser’s Fury is like selling us two games for the price of one. With one of the best battles of Mario against Bowser, this game promises hours and hours of fun.

2. Bravely Default II

Release date: 26 February 2020
Genre: RPG

Those of you who have tried the demo will understand the desire to play it completely. This phenomenal RPG developed by Silicon Studio will try to hook us as their previous 3DS games did.

The battles will present an even greater difficulty than in their previous games. The game uses a turn-based system based on the saga’s special mechanics: Brave and Default. You can choose a normal attack or use Brave and Default to increase your statistics for future turns.

Seth, our protagonist, along with 3 companions, will form the Heroes of Light. With the importance of the argument, in this game, we will find a lot of conversations. A J-RPG that offers a different experience with the same atmosphere as its predecessor.

3. Monster Hunter Rise

Release date 26 March 2021
Genre: RPG / Action

Capcom’s powerful ARPG saga unfolds in all its greatness with this new release. MH world seeks to beat its sales record in the West with the new ideas proposed in this Switch game.

The game preserves the saga formula that balances crafting, world exploration, and fights with monsters. Facing the mobility system. One of the hardest points when it comes to bringing together veterans and new hunters. MH Rise will try to settle on Switch all we expect and we love of MH World.

Although you’ll see recognizable elements in Monster Hunter Rise, you can already feel all the new stuff. We will have new scrolling resources that give the game a huge but classic character. Despite there is still much to see in its set of contents, what it transmits to us is positive. As a result, the game is positioning itself as the next must-see for veterans of Monster Hunter,

4. New Pokémon Snap

Release date: 30 April 2021
Genre: Simulation

Bandai Namco and Nintendo are responsible for producing this new Pokémon game. The adventure gets inspiration from the classic Pokémon Snap of the Nintendo 64. This means that it is not the continuation, but “an all-new adventure for Nintendo Switch that’s inspired by the classic Nintendo 64 game.”

This game makes you explore the Lensis region and take pictures of more than 200 Pokémon. Our goal is to investigate the Lumini phenomenon that takes place in this region. In this new adventure, we will have the help of Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita.

Nostalgia for the Nintendo 64 Snap, coupled with the best-known graphics in a Pokémon game. Combined with our camera and the immense landscapes and routes that we will take, will delight lovers of photography and Pokéfans.

5. Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero

Release date: TBC 2021
Genre: Survival / Adventure

Although Subnautica finally came out in 2018, it is in this year when we can have a version for the Switch. The critics on its launch were positive. This and its sequel, created by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, offer us a set aquatic survival game.

A calm survival, but no less dangerous for that. Underwater environments immerse us in a peaceful environment, but with the tension of not knowing what is in the depths of the ocean.

To that, we add the “expansion” Below Zero. This transports us to a new frozen planet, with new biomes, monsters, vehicles, and an outstanding plot for an indie game. If the game already hooked on desktop consoles, now offering us a portable option is a wise decision on the part of the studio.

6. Bayonetta 3

Release date TBC 2021
Genre: Hack-n-slash

Developed by Platinum Games and published by Sega, it’s the third installment in the popular beat’em up action saga starring the witch.

Tre trailer appeared at The Game Awards 2017. It was announced that it would be one of the games exclusive for Nintendo Switch.

Now it’s still in development, but in the trailer, we can see bullets, magic, and what could expect of our favorite witch.

Platinum Games CEO Hideki Kamiya suggests there is progress, but “let’s forget about Bayonetta for a while.” He ensures that when something finally comes up, it will become a bigger surprise. Until then, we can only wait for more news.

7. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Release date: TBC 2021
Genre: RPG

The sequel to the one considered by many the best Nintendo Switch game is in development. The little that we can know for now has been thanks to the E3 trailer. This trailer shows a much darker style than the first game, even competing with Majora’s Mask.

In it, you can see that Link and Zelda find a corpse under Hylure Castle (that looks quite like Ganondorf). It is also seen that a presence brings him back to life and affects Link. That gives rise to many rumours that in this sequel we will control Zelda.

Everything said above is speculation that people said because of the trailer. We’ll have to wait a bit longer for Nintendo to announce something about it.

Some Switch games will arrive sooner than others, but if it weren’t for the hype that their sale gives us, we would not enjoy them so much. So the only thing we have left is to wait and prepare the Nintendo Switch for when the time comes to enjoy it.

And that’s our list of seven Nintendo Switch games to be excited about. Do you agree or disagree with our list? Which game are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.

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Gaming News

Animal Crossing 2.0 – Review



Animal Crossing 2 image

On November 5th, Animal Crossing 2.0 alongside the DLC Happy Home Paradise was released. It was the last major free update to hit the latest game in the franchise and added a host of new features to the game. After almost a month of playing it, here’s our review and everything new in Animal Crossing 2.0 from Nintendo.


Animal Crossing has been around for 20 years, with its first release on 14th April 2001. Since then it’s released several versions of the game for the DS, Wii, and so on.

The latest version, New Horizons, came to the Nintendo Switch at just the right time; at the very beginning of Quarantine. It was easily the most popular Nintendo game last year. But it had a fatal flaw; rather than including everything upfront, Nintendo would release periodic updates where they would add to the game. The goal was to keep the game feeling fresh, but the result was that New Horizons felt unfinished. The game was bare-bones compared to past versions of Animal Crossing and didn’t have half as much to do. With the release of the last free update, New Horizons finally feels like a complete game. So what’s new? While there were a lot of things added and small things fixed, we’re just going to focus on the major gameplay changes and additions.


The beloved pigeon, Brewster, has been in Animal Crossing since 2005. He runs a cosy coffee shop, The Roost, usually located in the Museum. But he has been missing from New Horizons. A fan favourite, his absence has definitely been felt. Brewster is one of the most demanded additions to New Horizons. With the update, you can find him gyroid hunting on one of Kapp’n’s Islands and invite him to your island, where he will set up the Roost once more. You will also find some of your residents and NPCs there and can invite current and past Animal Crossing characters to the Roost via Amiibo card.


Speaking of Kapp’n, the turtle is back. In past versions of the game, Kapp’n is usually the one taking you to your new village at the start of every game. Whether it be by taxi, bus, or train, Animal Crossing typically kicks off with the retired seafarer. But New Horizons didn’t feature Kapp’n at all; until now. Now you can have him take you on island tours via his little boat off your dock. Some of these islands are extremely rare and feature exclusive items. He also sings you a little song while you make the journey..


Gyroids have, once again, been a part of every Animal Crossing game until New Horizons. They are little singing things that can be placed like furniture. In New Horizons, you can find a fragment on Kapp’n’s islands, bury it, water it, and a gyroid will grow the next day. Or some may be buried on your island after a rainy day. While past versions of gyroids have been annoying, the New Horizon’s gyroids are adorable and delightful. In New Horizons, Brewster is an avid collector. You’ll even get a Brewster gyroid after drinking enough coffee.

Cooking / Farming

Cooking has also been added to the game, something entirely unique to New Horizons. You can purchase crop starts from Leif, start a farm, and then cook the produce you grow. This opens up a whole host of fun recipes, and you can gift your creations to your residents. Eating a meal will make your villager stronger for longer, the same effect eating fruit previously had.

Group Stretching

You can also host a group stretching event in the plaza. Random villagers and NPCs will join you. You can use your controllers to actually stretch with them, or use the joysticks if you’re stuck with a Lite or don’t feel like standing up.

Harv’s Island

Harv’s Island was previously… pretty useless. There was really nothing to do there aside from taking pictures, which is fun once. Now you can help him build an open-air Farmers Market/Commune. For 100,000 bells each, you can invite NPCs to set up a permanent shop. Among these are Leif, Redd, Kicks, Saharah, Reese, and Cyrus, who have all been seen in New Horizons. But it also introduces the return of Tortimer, the mayor from past games. (Who some fans theorized was dead until now). Harriet, a hairdresser who introduces a ton of new hairstyles to the game. And the fortune-teller Katrina. This expansion to Harv’s island is a huge resource.

You no longer have to wait for these NPCs to come to your island to purchase goods from them. It also opens up more customization for previously uncustomisable items. And it’s another goal to work towards after you pay off your home loans.


You can now issue Ordinances through Isabelle in the town hall. These include things like adding a Bell Boom so that you find more bells and goods are worth more, but things also cost more. Or the Beautiful Island ordinance, which will have your villagers pick up weeds and trash and will cause your flowers to grow faster. You can also issue that your villagers wake up earlier or go to bed later.

Happy Home Paradise

In addition to 2.0, a DLC was added to the Nintendo Store. Happy Home Paradise allows you to “get a job” building vacation homes. You report to your boss Lottie for work, alongside your coworkers Niko and Wardell. From there, you choose a character and build a home for them. They will give you a theme and some items they want to see in their home. You can also design facilities, like a cafe or school and assign characters to work in them. Using an amiibo card, you can also design homes for NPCs like Isabelle or Tom Nook, where you will have free reign over the design.

Happy Home Paradise also introduces partition walls which allow for more design options in your house. It also includes a lot of new furniture. When you’ve designed enough vacation homes, you are able to then redesign the houses on your island.

HHP adds a lot to the game. Animal Crossing’s flaw has always been that it gets too repetitive. HHP adds some flavour and a lot more to do. So even long after you’ve paid off your home loan and made your island pretty, you can still really engage with the game. It adds to and boosts life on the island, but also extends the world a bit. You can interact with more characters beyond just your residents and have more interaction with NPCs beyond purchasing goods from them.


All in all, the 2.0 update and Happy Home Paradise have elevated New Horizons. It makes the game feel new and adds what many fans have been asking for. While they are both great, it’s hard to shake the feeling that this all should have been included from the get-go like past versions of the game. After playing a skeleton of a game for a year, we now truly have a new Animal Crossing game.

Do you like Animal Crossing 2.0? Do you agree with our Animal Crossing review? Let us know in the comments below.

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