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5 Movie Spin-Offs That Could Be Great TV Shows



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Over the years there have been many TV spin-off’s that have come from some of our favourite movie franchises. More recently we have had some great shows from Star Wars — The Mandalorian, Marvel — Wanda Vision and the Winter Soldier to Karate Kid — Cobra Kai and The Mighty Duck’s — Game Changer series. This got us thinking about some of the other great TV spin-offs from franchises that haven’t yet happened or haven’t even been thought off. So below are five movie franchises we think could have amazing TV spin-offs and a short plot of how they could look.

1. Kill Bill – Snake Charmer and B.B kiddo


Now, this idea has already been thought of and talked about since the first film, where there was in fact a nod to this sequel. Just after Uma Thurman’s Character (The Bride/ Black Mamba/ Beatrix), Killed Copper Head (Vernita Green) in front of her four-year-old daughter Nikki (Ambrosia Kelley) she said the following; “It was not my intention to do this in front of you. For that I’m sorry. But you can take my word for it, your mother had it coming. When you grow up, if you still feel raw about it, I’ll be waiting.” Ever since this scene, there has been a calling for a Nikki revenge sequel.

Over the years there have been YouTube videos on this subject and fan art. And in a radio interview with Andy Cohen in 2019 even Quentin Tarantino reviled that ‘It’s Definitely in the Cards’ and that he has an idea of the plot. Tarantino hasn’t revealed much about plot, characters, or casting. But there has been talk of the original actress Ambrosia Kelley playing Nikki. Some of the fanfiction has nominated Zendaya for the role. But even with all this talk, nothing seems to be in production, yet. So, what if this story was a TV series instead of a film? It may even have some legs.

Our plot idea

Nikki, who goes by the name Snake Charmer, is out to revenge the death of her mother. Now in her 20’s Snake Charmer is still ‘raw’ about Black Mamba killing her mother when she was younger. She sets out to find her and action her revenge plans, but instead, she finds B.B Kiddo the daughter of her nemesis. Starting out as rivals, they soon realise that they have the same goal, as B.B Kiddo also has some unfinished business with her mother as well.

Once they start to work together to find the whereabouts of Black Mamba, they realise they make a formidable crime duo. One not too dissimilar to The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. But are they really friends or is it a case of keeping your friend close and your enemies closer? The number of twists in the kind of plotline could be endless. Bringing a new kind of villain story to our small screens which is currently slightly saturated with superheroes (not that we mind).

2. Pirates of the Caribbean – Legend of the Black Pearl


Rumour has it we may be getting the 6th Pirates of the Caribbean film from Disney Studios early next year. But, as you may know, it will be minus everyone’s favourite pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. With the loss of the one true captain of the Black Pearl, maybe it’s time for the film franchise to come to an end. Instead, why not carry on the Pirates of the Caribbean world with a TV series based in the same waters. Waters just off Port Royal with a brand-new cast of likeable pirates. Ones who are chasing the dream of one day becoming as famous as the pirates onboard the Black Pearl. Keeping true to the film franchise the TV series will be a mix of comedy and action with a hint of a romantic plotline.

Our plot idea

After years of hearing stories about the legends of the Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow, Bill Turner, Elizabeth Swan, and the rest of the crew, from his uncle Joshamee Gibbs. Oil Gibbs and his best friend Tobias Chains decide to commandeer their own pirate ship and crew to try and be like the Pirates from the stories they grew up with.

But, unfortunately, they don’t seem to have much luck as they bumble their way through navigating the seas and all the monsters that live in it, and on the lands around them. They start to realise that what they are trying to achieve isn’t going to work. Especially when they’re trying to be like the pirates from the legends. But as soon as they realise who they really are the sooner they will become the best pirates on the sea’s and will understand that they no longer need to chase the adventures of their legends but conquer their own quests that lay before them.

3. Harry Potter – Tom Marvolo Riddle


Everyone loves a prequel and let’s face it everyone loves a Harry Potter prequel. The ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise has kept J.K. Rowling’s magical world alive in cinemas and on our home screens for the last couple of years, with a third instalment just around the corner.

But wouldn’t it be good to keep this going with a TV series too? Particularly when the series is based on one of our all-time favourite bad guys; ‘he who should not be named.’ We managed to find a little bit more about Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort’s history in ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ and some of the other Harry Potter films. But not nearly enough to please like-minded Potterheads like us. A TV series to uncover his full background would be extremely fulfilling. There’s so much to learn from his days in Hogwarts, all the way to his rise to becoming the most feared wizards of all time.

Our plot idea

In all fairness, this one has already been mapped out by J. K. Rowling in the Harry Potter series of books and films. There are things we already know which could work as time makers, starting the series just before he opened the Chamber of Secrets for the first time and ending with his original encounter with Harry just after he killed his parents. Within the plotlines, we can also learn more about the Snape, Malfoy, Black, Riddle and Potter Families.

As there will be a lot to cover, this will be quite a long series; we’re talking six or seven magic-filled seasons, and boy are we ready for it!

4. Fast and the furious – Suki


Ok, Ok I know what you’re thinking… The fact we already have eight films with a ninth on the way this Summer, there probably isn’t much need for a spin-off. But, I want you to cast your mind back to 2 Fast 2 Furious, the second instalment, where we first met Fast and the Furious lifers Ludicrous and Tyrese Gibson. Within the cast, there was also Devon Aoki who played Suki, a female racer, with a fully female crew. She is also a talented automotive vinyl graphics designer, with a cool and interesting personality, which intrigued a lot of viewers when the film was released in 2003.

A lot of the franchise’s fans voiced their upset about Suki not returning to the films in ‘Fast Five’ along with Tej and Roman (Ludicrous and Gibson). But, many are hoping she might turn up in the upcoming Fast and Furious female spin-off which is apparently in the works too. This could be doubtful though as Devon Aoki is currently retired from acting as she concentrates on raising her family. But maybe she will come back for a TV series all about her character?

Our plot idea

Sitting out of the racing limelight, or so it seems. Suki now runs her own car graphics company. From the front of the shop, everything looks above board, but in the back of the shop, it’s not so squeaky clean. Suki has her ear to the ground and is on top of all the goings-on within the Miami racing scene and beyond, that’s mainly because she runs of most of it. She is on top of all the deals, hustles, and street races. Not that anyone knows including her Miami Police Officer boyfriend. But will all her hard work come undone when her right-hand person goes rogue and threatens to out her secret business deals?

5. Inside Out – The College Years


So, this one’s not from a franchise of sorts but still, this film would make an amazing TV series. Again, there have been speculations about a sequel, but it doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon and maybe it would work better at a series, anyway. It doesn’t even need to be the same characters from the original movie if Disney couldn’t get the same voice actors. Because within this world everyone has a Joy, Sadness, Fear and Anger. So, it could be an entirely new cast, but it would be better with Riley and her thoughts leading the story.

Our plot idea

Riley Head’s off to college and this time we see the inner workings of Riley as well as her new friends, love interests and lecturers. This might be one of the shortest plot lines on this list, but this series really could have legs and could even run past her college years into her adult life of dating, job hunting and family building. Let’s just say this one is a working title.

So, there you have it, five movie franchises with five new TV series spin-offs that we can’t wait to binge on.

How did we do? If you have any ideas of films that could have good spin-offs let us know in the comment section below.

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Movie News

Jungle Cruise – Review



Jungle Cruise image
Walt Disney Studios

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt swing in with force in Disney’s new Jungle Cruise. And while the movie has fun callbacks to the Disney Park ride and a clever plot, if this movie is trying to be the next Pirates of the Caribbean, it falls short. Here’s our review of Jungle Cruise.

SPOILERS: Warning there are spoilers ahead.


To be honest, I was expecting a much less creative plot from this movie. Following suit with typical adventure movies, I was expecting this film to be a less-funny version of the Jumanji reboot. But the plot has an unexpected emotional centre and a clever twist. And while the film suffers from CGI villain goopiness, it gives the CGI villains actual heart and motivations.

The film centres on Lilly (Emily Blunt), a botanist in search of a healing petal. The petal is said to be able to cure any illness and resides deep in the Amazon Rainforest. She is accompanied by her little brother, McGregor (Jack Whitehall) and their hired skipper, Frank (Dwayne Johnson).

But a curse resides around the petal. Spanish conquistador Aguirre (Edgar Ramirez) and his crew went in search of the petal four hundred years ago. The petal can only be found with an arrowhead sacred to the Umbala or Headhunter tribe of the region. When Aguirre and his crew are on the brink of death, the Umbala tribe saves them. But Aguirre betrays them to get his hands on the arrowhead, and the chief of the Umbala tribe curses Aguirre and his party. They can never stray from the river, or the rainforest will take them. For four hundred years, they’ve lain dormant, having strayed too far from the banks of the river. They cannot die.

Now the arrowhead rests with a sexist scientific community. Lilly steals the arrowhead, just before it was set to be sold to Prince Joachim (Jesse Plemons). Joachim works for the German government during the height of World War One. He believes that the petal will not only bring victory to Germany, but will make him a world ruler. (How he thinks it will do that is unclear).

As Lilly, McGregor, and Frank make their way down the Amazon in search of the Petal, Joachim follows and occasionally attacks them in his submarine. Deciding he needs more help, he wakes up Aguirre, now a monster of the Amazon, and his crew. Aguirre, who is now made out of snakes, and his two colleagues, one of which is made out of honey and bees and the other mud and tee frogs, are sent on Lilly’s trail.

What happens next is the usual adventure. White water rapids, a run-in with the Umbala tribe (who become allies), submarine fights, swinging on jungle vines; you name it.

But after a run-in with Aguirre, Lilly learns the truth about Frank. In a plot twist I absolutely did not see coming, it turns out that Frank is actually Francisco, Aguirre’s cartographer. We learn that Aguirre was not looking for the petal for glory or gold, but to save his deeply ill daughter. Aguirre and Francisco grew up together, and they were willing to do anything to save his daughter. But when Aguirre betrays the Umbala tribe, Francisco tries to stop Aguirre. Francisco was also cursed to be unable to leave the riverbank, but Aguirre kept returning to fight and defeat (stab) Francisco.

Tired of constantly getting stabbed, Francisco traps Aguirre in a cave. Letting the Amazon have him and turn him into the monster he is today. Francisco then built a town on the river banks, built a boat in search of the petal, gave up, and now runs river cruises.

While the plot is very complicated, it’s easy enough to follow while watching the film. I will say that the motivations of Joachim are a little hard to follow. But the plot twist with Frank was very clever. It gives a CGI-heavy Aguirre a human heart. Now all he wants to do is break the curse and be allowed to die. To do so he needs a petal. The plot in and of itself was much more clever than I expected.

Characters and performances

One character that pleasantly surprised me was McGregor. At first, I thought he was merely queer-coded. He definitely fell into some gay stereotypes, but I thought that was all it was going to be. A guy who was subtly a little queer. But, when Frank asks him why follows Lilly, even through a jungle, he gives a surprisingly candid answer. He explains to Frank that he is gay and that Lilly is the only one who supports him.

When the world turned his back on him, she stood with him, and for that, he would “follow her into a volcano.” This is the first time I can remember that a Disney character was very, clearly openly gay. Disney has had about a dozen “first gay characters,” but all of them have been off to the side. None of them has stated their sexuality or been open about it. McGregor not only states it outright but is not ashamed of it and it is not his only character trait. He becomes brave and capable and is a good friend to both Frank and Lilly. It was really surprising to see good representation from Disney in this film.

Emily Blunt also gives a wonderful performance (as she always does). She’s headstrong and stubborn, but kind. The sexism was a little on the nose, with a tired bit about how she wears pants, but she was delightful.

And Dwayne Johnson was… okay. He plays the exact same character in every movie he’s in. And while his performance was good in this movie, I can’t help but think that another actor could have done better. He and Emily Blunt have a romance in this movie, but they have absolutely no chemistry. It was hard to believe their romance. I think another actor could have added a little more to Frank’s character. Frank is an interesting character, and another actor could have done more with him. This movie might have been better without Dwayne Johnson.

This movie also might have been better without Joachim. His motivations were really hard to follow. At the end of the day, he was just another stereotype of a German general who only complicated the plot.


It feels as though Jungle Cruise might be Disney’s attempt to re-make the magic of Pirates of the Caribbean. But I can’t see this film becoming a franchise. The first Pirates movie is masterful, with amazing rewatchability. But Jungle Cruise, while fun, is forgettable. It’s not a movie I see myself rewatching anytime soon. If this is an attempt to create a new franchise for Disney; it falls short. But, the film was fun to watch and was a good movie theatre experience.


Thank you for reading our review of Jungle Cruise. Do you agree or disagree with our points or have anything to add? If so, leave us a comment below.

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